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HTC translators

do you stugle with foreign languages? Then this HTC Translator software category might be useful to you!
Gwordbook airport codes never make a mistake again in airport codes with this airport code translation Gwordbook for pocket PC
GWordBook English-Dutch GWordBook is a freeware English-Dutch translator which requires a Pocket PC with ARM, StrongARM, or XScale processor.
Jitterbits Dictionary Multilanguage Jitterbits Dictionary is a small, yet powerful "must-have" translation tool. It utilizes multiple dictionaries within multiple language translations
Free Translator Pocket PC Free translator pocket PC is a freeware translator which can handle a massive list of languages such as: Italian, English, French, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, German, Spnish, Russian, Greek, Korean, Japanese, Polish, Dutch, Arabian, Afrikaans, Bulgarian, Czech, Indonesian, Welsh, SerboCroat, Ainu,.... extra dictionaries can be downloaded from:
Google Translator Google translator is a freeware HTC translator which uses the popular google translate engine to translate your messages to over 40 languages
Dict 1.61 Dict is a dictionary program with support for .zd dictionary bases which are most of the time just downloadable on the net for free. Notice that menus are in russian, however this might not stop you from using this great freeware dictionary loader onto your HTC!
My Bing Translator My Bing Translator uses Microsofts translation engine
Anuvadak google translate Anuvadak is a HTC mobile translator which uses the translation functions of Google Translate.
Morse Util HTC translates Morse code into text and vice versa
TeDict translator TeDict is a simple but useful translator which can translate from and to different languages. The Language of the software itself is German.
DV2T Translator DV2T is an open source translator for your HTC or windows mobile device, the translations are based on both the Google and Bing translator and also supports tekst to speech translations. DV2T makes use of an HTC Sence interface, DV2T is one of the best mobile translation tools we have used so far!
Lost in Translation Having a translator in your pocket on your mobile device is one thing, but what if you are on a trip in China and you want to translate some of these Chinese characters? How do you enter these in your HTC? Well its simple, with lost in translation, you just take a picture of the sign, and then the build in OCR program detects the correct characters and translates them for you!
Learn Hiragana Use the multiple-choise questions in this simple piece of software to learn Hiragana
Morseutil 2 MoseUtil is a HTC windows mobile tool which can translate from and to Morse code