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HTC Android Communication

Communication for Android enabled HTC phones is probably one of the biggest and most important categories so far. Here you can find Instant Messenger and Social Network tools for your Android HTC phone.
HeyWire Heywire is a messaging application for Android HTC phones including several cool applications. With SmartSMS you can send back automated messages at times you rather dont want to be disturbed. With TweetNow you can easily send out tweets through SMS. Gtalk support allow you to communicate with all of your GMail friends.
Imo Imo is a simple to use HTC - Android instant messenger which is able to talk multiple protocols. Imo Instant Messenger for HTC / Android can communicate with the most popular messengers such as: AIM, Facebook, Google Talk, Hyves, ICQ, Jabber, MSN, MySpace, Skype, Yahoo and VKontakte. All contacts of these popular messengers are gathered in 1 simple interface, you can link accounts, chare photos or start a multi-conference with your contacts of different applications. Imo is probably one of the most complete messenger packs available
Grindr Grindr is a social network which uses your location to show you all your nearest friends.
Yahoo Messenger Finally you will be able to run Yahoo Messenger on your android enabled HTC phone. We don't think that we will need to explain the concept of Yahoo Messenger any further since this is one of the oldest and most popular messenger applications around
Party N Play for gays Party N Play is a tool created for bisexuals and gays which used your HTC or Android build in GPS to determine the location of the nearest Gay or Lesbian to get you partying all night long ;-) With Party N Play you can browse through their photo archive or send them a private message
Rotary Dialer Android give your HTC or other Android phone an nostalgic look with this old fashioned Rotary dialer
Blacklist Android Get rid of annoying calls and SMS messages for once and for all, Blacklist for Android blocks all unwanted calls immediately on your Android enabled HTC phone.
ReChat ReChat is a chat application which allows you to communicate with your friends on Google Talk, Yahoo messenger, facebook, MSN and a few other Instant Messenger applications
Free SMS Free SMS does what it says, it allows you to send SMS messages Free of charge. They are paid by the advertisers who will add a small advertising tekst at the end of each SMS message
Gandu Polish Messenger Gandu is an Android HTC Messenger specialy created for the Polish users. This open source messenger communicates through gadu-gadu. Photo transfer, direct chat, geolocalization, its all supported in Gandu messenger for Android enabled HTC phones
Meemidroid Meemi is the easiest way to share and collect your texts, your quotes, your images, your favourites links , to organize your events with your friends or collect your favourites video. And MeemiDroid is an easy to use, well integrated Meemi client for Android portable devices. MeemiDroid first aim is to let you share images, text and links easily from your Android device all without loading the Meemi web interface.
Corporate Addressbook Corporate Addressbook for your Android HTC can lookup e-mail addresses in your company addressbook. Notice that it will only lookup email addresses and will not return any extra info. A function which should have been part of the build in software, but which isn't
APG Android Privacy Guard Do you want to enable your HTC with maximum security? Then APG is the tool for you. Android Private Guard encrypts or signs emails OpenPGP. it can Manage secret/public keys (e.g. GPG/PGP), it Encrypt/sign/decrypt/verify emails and files. APG has Some integration into GMail accounts on the phone, it has Integration with K-9 Mail. Has support for HKP Keyserver, has the possibility to create your own keys (beta) and is aniIntent API for other apps
Tuenti Social Network Tuenti is a Social Networking tool for your HTC running on Android. With Tuenti you can easily exchange fotos, chat with friends or follow your friends or networkbuddies in general.
Kazaloo Free Kazaloo Free is a freeware version (ad-supported) of Kazaloo, a social application for android devices where you can get in touch with new people. Kazaloo is special because you don't need to register to join the community. Take a picture of yourself, and that will be sufficient to start contacting other people on the Kazaloo network.
Eplixo Video Chat Eplixo is a simple Videoconference tool for your HTC or Android phone, this Video Chat tool incorporates the twitter client and uses Android to Android communication or Android to PC. Eplixo requires also Android Froyo 2.2 or higher to be installed.
Blaving Why should you still type when you can just post and share voice messages up to 2 minutes with your friends? Blaving is the new social network which makes use of voice messages instead of typed chat messages. Blaving is now also compatible with Android HTC devices
Crowdroid microblog client Crowdroid brings you back to the essence, Crowdroid supports the most popular microblog applications such as Twitter, Follow5, Sina Microblog etc. Post micro messages to all your networks through 1 Android HTC application: Crowdroid
Tikl Tikl is a Touch to Talk application for your Android HTC phone which gives you the possibility to send a voicemessage to all your tikl contacts with only a single press on a virtual button. Also group tekst messages can be submitted with Tikl
Bump Use bump on your Android HTC to exchange data easily with other bump mates, all you have to do to exchange your contact details or pictures is bumping your device into an other device. Now also cross compatible with bump for iPhone and iPad!
SMS Poll Start a poll over SMS with this small application for HTC. Let your friends reply to the poll over SMS and keep all the data in this SMS Poll htc application
Windows Mobile Blacklist 1.5 With this latest version of the windows mobile blacklist for HTC, you can allow all calls, block all calls, or just block the people on your callers blacklist. You can even activate the blacklmist during certain time periods, in that way you can avoid annoying calls during the night for example.
T4T T4T is the abbreviation for Twitter for Tablets, a special Twitter client designed for your Android enabled HTC tablet and available as freeware software. With swipeable timelines for each of your contacts
Nearby Feed Nearby Feed is a location based social network blog for HTC smartphones running on android. Check in at places nearby, follow your friends or attach photos to your location status updates with Nearby Feed. The GPS Location based social network tool for your Android HTC