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HTC Android Entertainment

Bored like hell? Under this category for Android enabled HTC phones you will find the right entertainment!
me360 me360 gathers all important venues in your neighbourhood. From now on you will never need to say that you don't know what to do this weekend again!
Xiia Live Lite Do you want to listen to live music on your HTC Android device but does it miss an internal antenna? No problem! With Xiia Live Lite you can listen to your favourite online radio stations wherever you are 24/7. Stream music of over 40.000 radio stations on your HTC Android with Xiia Live Lite
Coveroid With coveroid you can instantly look up the coolest free wallpapers for your Android enabled HTC phone, instantly download wallpapers in the correct format.
Photo Gallery Live Wallpaper 2.1 With Photo Gallery Live Wallpapers you can predefine a picture folder which is used as wallpaper folder, The wallpaper will be switched by a timer or by a simple tap on the application. Photo Gallery Live lets you enjoy all your customized Android HTC wallpapers at its maximum!
Xpiano Xpiano converts your HTC running on Android in a complete simple piano. 4 Octaves, 12 different instruments and multi touch enabled and an adjustable piano size make this one of the greatest free pianos available for your HTC android
Kids Mode Not using your HTC or android at the moment? turn your phone into a kids entertainment device. you can lock your device into kids mode so your kids will only be able to play the games available in kids mode. with Kids mode, your HTC or android phone is not only a games device, its also a mobile paint application, video playback device and sho much more.
Palm Reading Only for entertainment purposes, Palm Reading tries to help you find out your future, or tries to help you find your true love. This application might maybe help you start a conversation with a cute girl or boy, who knows? ;-)
Daily Beule Comic Viewer See this daily comics straight onto your HTC or android phone
Eching Eching is your best friend when making decisions;. Pressing the Yin-Yang button will start this oracle in making a choise whenever you can't decide yourself
HAM HAM is an Open Source Radio App for Android enabled HTC phones
Mangawatch Lite are you a Manga adept? With Mangawatch lite you will have hours of Manga fun on your android enabled HTC. Read manga from popular manga sites such as and read it online, or just save it to your mangawatch lite library! With the lite version you can only save up to 10 manga series and you will have no access to the manga Hentai adult content.
Love is Love is, is a simple comic viewer for Love is… comics
Garfield Garfield, the funniest cat in the world, load this daily garfield reader onto your HTC android smartphone and start the day with a smile!
Calvin and Hobbes a daily comic reader for the popular Calvin and Hobbes comics, directly delivered to your Android HTC smartphone
Fast Dilbert Reader Read the daily dilbert, or go through the dilbert archive with this fast dilbert comic reader
Comic Strip Comic Strip is a comic reader which gives you the possibility to go through a various number of comics. You can save images, bookmark funny comics, or just share them with friends! And all of this is done through your HTC or android device.
Dog Buzz Dog Buzz is a buzzer which can be used to train your dog, or to just annoy annoying other dogs! It generates audible sounds between various high frequenties
Events Find out what's happening in the neighbourhood by using Events on your HTC Android. Because there's always something to do!
Issuu Mobile Explore over 1000000 free magazines worldwide with this free issuu mobile magazines reader. one application on your HTC / Android for a massive amount of reading fun!
Backgrounds 2.0 With Backgrounds 2.0 You can switch between more then 10.000 various backgrounds, while multiple backgrounds are added on a daily basis!
Ringtones 3.6 Tired of the default ringtones on your HTC running on android? With this ringtones app you can choose between more then 2000 ringtones, never have to hear one of those annoying default ringtones ever again!
Zedge Exchange thousands of wallpapers and ringtones with over 17 million members with Zedge for android enabled HTC phones
Movies and Showtimes Show IMDB results directly on your Android HTC phone for all movies currently playing in a theater near you
Peter Griffin Soundboard the funniest Family Guy quotes can now be replayed on your Android enabled HTC with just a single finger, with the Peter Griffin Soundboard!
Steamy Window The steam of this application can cover your whole HTC screen with steam, just use your fingers to wipe it back off.
Ruger SR9 Simulator Simulate a real Ruger SR9 on your HTC / Android with this application, complete with muzzle flash, a vibrant kickback and shells flying around your ears! a gun simulator for HTC will never become any better!
Android Lightsabre Transform your HTC running on Android into a real motion sensor activated lightsabre. Switch between the good and the dark side (blue or red) by tapping the lightsabre with your fingers. But be careful! Don't burn your fingers on it ;-)
Fartdroid Fartdroid turns your HTC Android phone in a fully functional fart machine! Choose between a massive amount of different farts. You can even record your own farts and share them with other users. Assign farts to notifications or use them as ringtones. Fartdroid has everything for the Fart Fans
Chuck Norris Jokes It became a phenomenon lately, the Chuck Norris jokes and facts. Chuck Norris tears can cure cancer. Too bad chuck Norris never cries!
Movie Finder Stay on top of the latest movies and their showtimes on your HTC running on Android with Movie Finder
Plucking daisies check if she loves you or not without needing to hurth a real daisy….
Deezer 2.4 music service Deezer is a mobile Android HTC entertainment music service which has a back catalogue of over 13 million tracks. Subscribe to deezer and listen to thousands of artists for free! With this software you will always have your most favourite music right in your pocket!
Music Queue Music Queue is HTC Android music software with a specific interface, you can throw songs out of the playlist by swiping them away, or just simply drag them around to change playing order
Mortplayer Widgets Place this Mortplayer music player widget on your HTC (running on android) homescreen to control your mortplayers playlist on your homescreen
Mortplayer Music For everybody who is to lazy to set their music tags correctly, Mortplayer is a folder based mobile music player for Android enabled HTC smartphones which bases its playlists on folderstructure rather than on tags
Censor Button this software is for entertainment purposes only, sensor any word or sentence using your HTC phone with this bleeping censor button
OBDTrip connect your HTC with this OBDTrip software to your onboard diagnostics computer (common for all vehicles produced after 2000) and get detailed statistics on fuel consumption, average consumption, your CO2 emission, average speed, distance traveled and more, directly displayed on your HTC!
openwebradio 2 Use your HTC or other windows mobile device as a radio streaming device, with over 7500 radio stations in its database you will always have at least one radiostation playing music you like!
Tube Jokes Tube jokes brings the best joke videos to your Android enabled HTC phone
Poke my Gummy give your kids some entertainment on your Android enabled HTC phone with the Poke My Gummy game
Youtube Tubemate Youtube Tubemate for Android enabled HTC phones is a youtube video downloader for your mobile android device. This is one of the most complete youtube downloaders for android with a multi-resolution option, and the possibility to download multiple videos at once.
Painty Let your kids have some fun with your Android enabled HTC smartphone, with Painty they can enjoy the fun of drawing on your Android mobile!
Tube TV Brasil Watch Brasilian television on your Android HTC with Tube TV Brasil
Avengers Fan App Marvel comics lovers will just love this HTC android application, the Avengers fan app is a marvel wiki, movie database and more for the android HTC smartphone!
Naruto Anime fans of Naruto will find back everything on their favourite anime series in this Naruto fan app for HTC Android devices. With a narutopedia en info on episodes. All available for free
Zombie Apocalypse Zombie Apocalypse is the ultimate encyclopedia to prepare you for upcomming zombie attacks. With scientific info on zombies, cannibalism movies and info on how to defence yourself on a Zombie Apocalypse attack
Christmas Tree Count down to New Year while viewing this animated christmas tree
Spiderman fan app fans of Spiderman just need to have this Fan app on their Android enabled HTC, with facts and figures on movies and a complete spiderman wiki