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HTC Android Freeware

Freeware software for Android enabled HTC devices (or any other android device) can be found under this category
Tape-A-Talk Tape-A-Talk Voice recorder software for your HTC running on Android can record simple voice messages even when your screen is turned off. Choose between low and high quality recordings, 3 different encodings or even the possibility to switch your HTC ringtone to a recorded message with Tape-A-Talk
Ghost Commander File Manager Ghost commander is a freeware file manager tool for HTC devices running on android which makes use of 2 different panels. In that way it becomes very easy to copy files from one location to an other. Notice that Ghost commander is absolutely freeware
OS Monitor With this tiny 170kb large OS Monitor file you can easily monitor your android OS running on your HTC or other smartphone, monitor processes, network, connections, message or random stuff in the misc panel. With OS monitor you finally have the feeling knowing what's going on on your Android smartphone
Juice Defender Defend your battery from draining too fast with this freeware juice defender app. Juice Defender managers 3G / 4G or wifi connections in a smart way so you can extend your Android HTC phones battery life to the maximum
Alogcat Alogcat is a freeware Android logs viewer. View your logs directly on your HTC without the need to transfer them first
Brightness profiles Brightness profiles is a freeware android app for your HTC which makes it a lot easier to ajust the brightness of your Android HTC device. You can assign brightness presets to a scrollbar or even to the volume buttons of your device.
Timeriffic change to mute or vibrate, or turn off the wifi of your device based on a time schedule with this freeware Timeriffic app for your HTC smartphone running on android
Brighteriffic Brighteriffic gets you a homescreen shortcut to change the brightness of your HTC running on Android
Milestone overclock With this little application you can boost your OMAP3 smartphone by overclocking it. This freeware software is compatible with all android devices using a TI OMAP3xxx processor. No need to say that overclocking is always at your own risk…
CM Mod updater CM Mod Updater is an auto update application for the opensource CyanogenMod Android OS
OI about OI About is a simple freeware application for your HTC running on android which displays info on the current running application such as developer credits, support email address, version information and a lot more….
Dr Web Light 6 Antivirus Keep your HTC Android device free from virusses by using this free light version of Dr Web 6 antivirus. Move malware and detected virusses to the quarantaine list. The most important feature of Dr Web is that it doesn't impact battery life or system performance!
Adobe Air With Adobe Air, developers can deploy standalone applications built with HTML, JavaScript, ActionScript accross platforms
Eam Lightweight launcher Zeam is a Lightweight launcher for all devices running Android 2.2 and up. Zeam reduces the impact on the system of the home system browser, since you cannot underestimate the impact of the android homescreen on the system resources of your HTC smartphone
PhoneKlone PhoneKlone is your ultimate Android - HTC backup solution. With PhoneKlone all your data is instantly backed up to images or messages are synchronized to the phoneklone cloud as soon as you receive them.
Elixir System Info Elixir is a full blown system info widget for your Android HTC homescreen. Display crucial system info on your homescreen such as remaining battery life, cpu usage, wifi networks, memory usage, internal and external storage etc....
Persian Soft Keyboard This application is a full Persian Farsi keyboard for your HTC running on android
SD Move SD move detects applications which can be moved from internal memory to external memory (most likely an SD card)
Auto Answer Auto answer will automatically deny incomming calls for you and reply to them with a tekst message
Quickdroid search Quickdroid search searches through all of your HTC androids menus, messages and applications and then launches whatever you want, you can even assign rankings to certain items or programs so they will appear higher in the ranking next time you look for them.
Toggle Headset 2 This widget fixes problems with the 3.5mm headphone jack HTC multi adapters on android release 1.6
Digital Clock Widget This simple Android freeware app for your HTC displays the clock in digital format Do you have the feeling you are currently connected to a very slow network with your HTC? Start speedtest and confirm this within seconds. Speedtest is a freeware application for HTC or other smatphones running on android which can measure your current networkspeed, and give you an overview on all of your latest performed network tests.
Wifi analyzer get a full analysis of all networks around you with wifi analyzer. This tool can be a good help in finding the least crowded channel for your wifi network.