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HTC Android Games

Looking for Games for your Android enabled HTC? Well this is the right category for you! With these Android games you will probably be entertained for hours. What are you waiting for? Load them to your HTC!
Number Blink A simple game to train your blink memory, numbers are displayed for 1 to 5 seconds depending on the length of the number and the difficulty of the game. You will need to repeat the number afterwards. This Android HTC game contains difficulties between 4 and 20 digits. This game has even an own highscore table to keep track of your scores
Brave Penguin Jumper Collect stars and avoid evil aliens in this simple Brave Penguin jumper game for Android enabled HTC devices
Nethack Slash Em the Slash em variant of Nethack transformed in a game compatible with all HTC Android phones. Players of the original nethack platform game will just love to have this one!
Frozen Egg a HTC Android game based on Frozen Bubble, which is again based on puzzle bobble, the all-time arcade classic game. In this variant you have to form groups of 3 identical colored eggs in order to break them and score points. Arcade mayhem for Android HTC!
Balldroppings Lite In this entertainment game for HTC phones running on Android, Balls fall and bounce off lines you create, making percussive and melodic sounds.
Balance the Beer in the Balance the Beer Game, you must hold your phone steady for 15 seconds to avoid the beer from falling off your phone. A Simple partygame for your Android HTC
Yaniv Card Game Yaniv is a popular Israelian card game which can now also be played on your Android HTC phone
Icy Splash Game in this funny game for your HTC Android phone you will need to connect 4 scoops of ice cream in order to melt them. Play clever and score amazing ice cream combos!
Townsmen 6 Free RPG The French Revolution has just started on your Android HTC phone with Townsmen 6, Gather wood, stone and many other ingredients to build up your conquering town. Fish, hunt and build farms, do whatever you do in a classic PC RPG, but now on HTC Android!
Iso 6 Are game Iso 6 Are is a very simple Janken (rock, paper, scissors) game initially developed for for Sirius Alpha IS06
ScummVM ScummVM is a Virtual Machine for android enabled phones such as the HTC in which you can play classic graphical point-and-click adventure games (you will need the datafiles of these games) Some examples of existing ScummVM games are: Monkey Island 1-3, Day of the Tentacle, Sam & Max, Kings Quest, Space Quest,.... so you can now play all these games on your android enabled HTC because of the ScummVM Virtual Machine!
Space Man game Use the Tilt sensors in your HTC to control the Space Man and let his avoid astroids and other space junk in this Android Space Man game
Guns n Glory Free Recrute cowboys, Indians or just pure Wild West Villains to become the fear of the wild west in this free version of Guns n Glory. Ambush settlers, rob the bank or the gold train in this cool free game for your Android enabled HTC! You will feel yourself 100 percent cowboy when playing this game!
2 Player reactor game Play against a friend through 12 frantic levels to become the player with the best reaction score.
Game Dev Story Lite In Game Dev Story Lite, the freeware version of Game Dev you will have to start your own games company, create multi-million selling games, recruit programmers, sound engineers, develop an own gameconsole, and conquer the games world in this simulation game for HTCs running on android.
Hello Kitty Slide puzzle a classic slide puzzle in digital form for any device running android such as the HTC
Farm Tower game in this HTC Android game which makes us think of angry birds, you have to slide away blocks in order to save your animals, the fully featured version is now available for free. Farm tower for HTC!
Farm Frenzy Lite Farm frenzy is a farm simulator for Android / HTC in which you need to breed your own farm animals such as cows, sheep, make your own cheese etc. etc. in farm frenzy lite you will enjoy being a farmer without any disadvantages!
Egg Savior your eggs are being stolen by a thief, test your intelligence by solving all puzzles to get your precious eggs back in the henhouse!
Super Hero Slide to old for the Hello Kitty Slide puzzle but you still like to solve one of those old fashioned slide puzzles without looking like a real idiot? Then the Super Hero slide puzzle is for you! Enjoy your most favourite DC Commics characters in various slide puzzles between 3x3, 4x4 and 5x5 slide puzzles
Tangram puzzles Try to solve all of the Tangram puzzles in this puzzle game for HTC / android
World of Dragons MMORPG World of Dragons is a free MMORPG which contains all of the classic elements: spells, dragons, find rare items etc. Form an alliance with friends and fight evil (or good) in one of the best free mobile MMORPG available to date.
Pikachu Game Find pairs of Pikachu characters in this massive icons field. but watch out, the nearest path between that two characters have to be equal or less than 3 lines. Pikachu game is an Android HTC remake of the Pikachu kawai game for PC
BasketBall try to score as many points within the timelimit in this BasketBall game for Android HTC devices.
Fish Tycoon Lite in this free game for Android HTC phones you will need to grow and breed your own fish in real time. Solve the genetic puzzle by crossbreeding several species until you find the 7 magic fish! you will also have the possibility to buy several special plants, eggs or sell some of your price fish in your virtual store!
Bistro Cook Bistro cook is a live score program in which you need to beat the other cooks playing this game. Live scores are constantly updated. This game is ad supported and has a build in option to share your receipes on facebook
3D Tetris Want a new challenge? 3D Tetris is pushing your limits in the free 3D variant of this classic puzzle game
Royal Horse Club in the Royal Horse Club you can train your racehorses, put bets on them or just buy a top horse on the virtual market and become king of the racetrack! A true hit for all racetrack fans out there who own an Android HTC phone
Movie Guess in the Movie Guess game for your android HTC you will see on each picture an image captured from a certain movie, now you have to choose between 4 options what movie is displayed. There are 2 modes, speed mode in which you need to have as much correct answers as possible in 60 seconds, or regular, where you have 10 seconds per image, 3 tries and a 50:50 button that removes 2 wrong answers.
Sand Blaster Sand Blaster for Android HTCs is more some kind of entertainment tool then a real game, in this game there is no target, you can just let sand, oil and fire come together and watch them interact with each other.
LightMemory this memory game is inspired by the classic Simon game, memorize the sequence of the colors and try to repeat them in the same order
Light Racer Light Racer makes us think of the movie Ton, in which futuristic motor cycles need to race against each other until death. this 2D version is available for free!
Light Racer 3D Basic This is the freeware basic version of this 3D Light racer game, the 3D variant of the previous download, a game in which you need to race until death on your futuristic motor cycle in a virtual arena
aiminesweeper aiminesweeper is a minesweeper variant for android powered phones such as the latest HTC phones. In this one click classic you will need to free all field without letting any of the mines in the field explode. A simple HTC game which will bring you hours of fun!
ahunt retro URRS game everybody born in the eighties will remember them, those small URRS game consoles. In this one you will hunt for ducks
Paddle Bounce avoid the ping pong ball from falling of your paddle in this game for Android based HTC phones
Paddle Bounce G tilt sensor in this simple HTC game you will need to use your devices tilt sensor to prevent the ping pong ball from falling of your paddle. This is a variant of the normal 'Paddle Bounce' HTC game
Balance the Bomb Use your HTC tilt sensor to keep the dynamite standing up as long as possible. Dont even dare to drop it or you will find out what happens….
Candy Farm game Get the candy from its wrapper to the gift box in this line drawing puzzle game for HTC phones running on Android
City Jump Jump between walls with your superhero in City Jump, a game where you need to avoid obstacles and kill enemies in spiderman style.
Andoku In Andoku, the opensource Sudoku game you can use your Android enabled HTC to play various variants on the popular sudoku puzzle games such as: X-Sudoku, Hyper-Sudoku, color sudoku and percent sudoku
ROM Gripper With ROM gripper you can find and download a massive amount of ROM games for your NES, gameboy, sega, nintendo and many more emulators. Use your HTC or other android device from now on as a fully functional game console!
Open Word Search Change grid size, mark colors and many more options in this open source word search game for android enabled devices
Funny Touch Screen Funny Touch Screen is a simple game for pre-school kids in which they will learn to use the touchscreen of your computer in 8 simple freeware games
The Elements The elements became an open source android HTC game and is similar to the sand falling game
Backgammon Free Backgammon Free is a freeware ad-supported HTC Android version of the ancient backgammon game. In this edition you can play both single or dual player games. The AI in the single player game is also extremely intelligent
Slice Slice Slice Slice is a simple Android HTC Game in which you need to slice several forms into the required number of pieces. If you are able to make each piece having the same proportion you will reach top scores!
Pets Live Pets Live is an Anime style pets trainer game for Android enabled HTC phones, discover a massive amount of new pets, from cute hugable to gigantic anime monsters!
Radiant Lite Radiant Lite is a Space invaders clone playable on your android enabled HTC. In this freeware versions all enemy spaceships look to be build up from Neon lights. Nostalgic hours of fun with Radiant Lite!
Buka Lite in this funny award winning original game you will need to help Buka find the happy place between thousands of villains.
Project Inf Project inf is one of the first true multiplayer shooter games available for HTC devices running on Android, in Project inf you can play in 2 teams with a maximum of 24 players . Top down overview is used to maintain the overview over this massive slaughter
Brain Genius Deluxe not less then 23 math, calculations, memorizing and other brain training games make this Android HTC game a real brain trainer!
Nebtrix shooter freeware Nebtrix is one of those old-school arcade space shooters, in this freeware game version for android enabled HTC phones you can run through 10 missions using 4 different ships and 7 different weapons
Age of Conquest lite This lite android version of Age of Conquest is the turn based single player game, conquer all medieval countries available in this game and have hours of fun on your HTC smartphone!
Cestos multiplayer Cestos is a multiplayer game for your Android powered HTC in which you will need to eliminate all enemy marbles by pushing them towards one of the space pits
Jewellust Lite Jewellust is a bejeweled clone, but with many more interesting features which make this game so much more fun! Notice that this is the lite version, in the full version you have more then 30 exciting new levels
Pocket Empires Pocket empires is a mobile online multiplayer war game, harvest, build and conquer! A true fun online game where you have 10 different structures to build, where you can recruit or capture 30 different creatures and use over 40 different techs to become the master conqueror over the pocket empires!
Abduction All your animal friends have been abducted by evil Aliens, you are the only one left, its your turn now to get your friend back to the ground. Use your HTC tilt sensor to follow the UFO into space and save all your precious friends!
Air Control Lite You are in charge of the air traffic control now, try to guide all airplanes to one of the landing lanes without letting them crash into each other. But be careful, bigger planes approach your airport a lot faster!
Gang Wars Lite Finally you are allowed to play a real gangster in this Gang Wars Lite Multiplayer gangster game for android enabled HTC phones
iMobsters iMobsters is one of the most popular massive online multi-player games up until now for mobile devices. With more then 1.6 million players worldwide playing this game on their HTC, Android, or other device (and still counting) you can have hours of mobster fun. Buy fronts, fast cars or heavy weapons and climb up from a simple looser on the streets to one of the most feared mobster bosses around!
Toss it This game is as addictive as it is simple, in toss it you will have to toss a paper ball, or an iphone or anything else into a waste bin. More difficult then you would think!
All Binary Arcade One All binary Arcade one is a simple four in one arcade game featuring: Zeptoracer, Minispacewar, Santasworldwar and Minispacewar Vector
Air Hockey EM Air Hockey EM is a popular arcade hall game which can also be played in multiplayer on 4 different backgrounds
Greedy Pirates 'Greedy Pirates' puts you in control of a pirate cannon. Shake your phone to build the cannon's power, tilt your phone to adjust it's firing angle and then blast the cannon ball as far as you can, collecting treasure along the way
Robo Defense free in this free version of Robo Defense you can play on 1 map and 11 difficulties. Robo Defense free is one of the best tower defense games created for Android HTC smartphones
Bonsai Blast Blast away the chain of marbles by trying to shoot up 3 marbles of the same color to blast them away before the chain reaches the end of the line. You will for sure have hours of fun with this game on your Android enabled HTC!
Lunar Lander in this free game for your Android enabled HTC you will need to land your lunar lander correctly on the moon. Make sure it doesnt crash or you are stuck on the moon forever!
Twisty Twisty is a Z-Machine interpreter which will bring you back to the ancient days of tekst gaming, in this game you will need to enter tekst commands to manipulate the environment or get something done from your character. A true nostalgic classic now ported to your HTC Android
Little Python Control your python and make it grow in this classic snake like game for Android enabled HTC phones
Gameboid Lite Gameboid is a classic gameboy emulator. Play thousands of the greatest gameboy games on this emulator
Scoreninja Scoreninja is a global ranking system for different games. This application does nothing on its own, so only install it when an other game asks for it!
Nesoid lite Nesoid lite is a free Nintendo Entertainment System emulator which can play almost any NES ROM at full screen
Di Lines in the Di Lines game you will need to form lines of similar colored balls to make them dissapear and score points. A great android HTC game
Ultimate Poker Play an ultimate game of Poker on your Android enabled HTC with this fantastic card game
Get The Gummy Bear entertain your kids with this Get the Gummybear game for android enabled HTC smartphones. Catch the Gummybear when he travels around the world and make him even explode!
Worlds fastest clicker how fast can you click your mouse / tap the screen? Prove it with this small worlds fastest clicker game for android HTC smartphones
Hybrid Hybrid is a simple Android game for your Android enabled HTC smartphone, in this game you will need to collect all moving balls before time runs out. Simple android game fun!