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HTC HTC Software

With one of the tools of this Windows Mobile Tools category you will be able to manage your windows mobile PC like you always wanted to…
INClose tired of closing every program one by one with a stylus or windows mobile device keyboard? Well, this little tool might be the ideal tool for you…. InClose is able to close all open programs on your Windows Mobile enabled device with one click….
MobilePK mobilePK is a clinical pharmacokinetic (or therapeutic drug monitoring, TDM) software
Pocket innovation system monitor This System monitor fits on your windows mobile or htc today screen where it displays important data such as battery level and free memory
Screen Capture with this small tool you can take a screenshot whenever you want from your HTC or other Windows Mobile device screen. Easy if you need to post an error or show somebody else what was going on on your screen…
iLauncher 3.1 with PIE meters iLauncher got more customizable with this free PIE meters, enjoy keeping track of everything with this cool program
Mortbuttons Mortbuttons is a launcher/ shortcut tool which can be customized with custom skins and buttons and which can be customized to work with only one click…
PocketSQLMan PocketSQLMan is a remote mssql database administration utility. Upload the cab file straight to your HTC phone or other windows mobile enabled device and start to install it
Allcleanup Allcleanup is a freeware tool which makes it possible to keep your HTC or other windows mobile 5 or 6 device clean. This tool allows you to:
* Delete Appointments
* Delete Contacts
* Delete Messages
* Delete Storage Card
* Delete Tasks
Windows Mobile Screen tester this Windows Mobile Screen tester is an easy to use HTC software application which might give you the final conclusion whether your screen has a broken pixel or not...
WR-Tools ResInfo 1.54 This windows mobile tool gives you all required device info of your HTC phone in a matter of seconds… it calculates battery life, used memory, available memory or pagefile. So about all important parameters for your Windows Mobile or HTC phone…
SMSRunner SMSRUnner is Windows Mobile Software which allows you to run or activate any software on your windows mobile device through SMS
StealSafe STealSafe protects all your windows mobile and HTC data from being stolen when somebody steals your HTC, STealSafe will remove all Appointments, contacts, messages, stored data and tasks just by receiving one simple SMS.
Zedbutton 1.1 Zedbutton makes it easy to manage your programs with zedButton. You can make Folders and Menu Items to launch your applications
PIMExport PIMExport for WM5 and WM6 allows you to export all your messages, contacts, tasks and appointments into tab delimited text files
WkTASK WkTASK is a freeware task manager for your HTC or windows mobile device
Screen rotator freeware software do you think certain applications are bether viewed on a vertical screen? Well, no worries anymore since this freeware rotator software utility for your HTC or windows mobile device rotates your HTC or windows mobile device instantly!
EZSetup EzSetup is a command line application with some parameters keys. If you want to create an installer of some program for a Pocket PC you just run EzSetup with desired parameters, and it with provide the .cab, readme and license agreement files. EzSetup will create an .exe file, which can be copied to ActiveSync for installation.
  • Compressed, self-contained, self-extracting Windows setup program
  • Polylingual support.
  • End user license agreement step.
  • Automatical uninstallation
  • Standard Windows look and feel.
SmaryoPhotoNotes SmaryoPhotoNotes is HTC software which allows you to take automated pictures with your device and upload them to the internet, in that way you will be able to use your HTC as a security camera wherever you want
JSEditPad software JEEditPad is windows mobile software which allows you to search for certain words in all your textfiles stored on your HTC or other windows mobile device
battline svc Battline SVC is a freeware tool for your HTC which adds a small line on top of your screen indicating your battery level. colors can depend on your level, choose different colors for both warning and critical levels. if wanted you can also move the bar to the bottom or the side of the screen.
Powerbut with powerbut you can control the powerbutton of your Windows mobile device
ACS know before its too late…. ACS, American Cancer Screening tests
Smartprotect Smartprotect can help you getting your HTC back when you lost it or when it was stolen, send an SMS to your HTC and it will reply with the coordinates of the current location of your HTC. Offcourse this freeware software requires a GPS
NetQin Mobile Antivirus NetQin is one of the very first free and complete anti-virus packages for Windows Mobile Smartphones such as the HTC, This is not just a simple mobile antivirus program, no this is a trustworthy mobile product recommended by
Spybot SD Mobile kill spyware on your Windows mobile device with Spybot Search and Destroy mobile
WeFi for HTC WeFi WiFi location software for HTC provides you with an intuitive and aesthetic user interface to manage your WiFi connection and allows you to automatically launch application once such connection is found.
MobiWee With MobiWee you can remotely track and locate your device. You can even remotely wipe or lock your device, even when the SIMCard is removed.


1- must subscribe to
2- must have internet data plan or access to WIFI
3-MobiWee client must be installed and running on your device in order for any request to succeed.

TMS Uninstaller TMS uninstaller for Windows Mobile or HTC phones is the perfect freeware which replaces the terrible -remove Programs- function on your device. With TMS uninstaller you can remove all applications from your device within a snap! In order to work you will at least need WM5 and .Net compact framework 3.5 installed on your device
RAM Sweeper 2 the RAM Sweeper Memory Cleaning freeware tool for HTC or windows mobile devices will kill everything except the processes that are included in the ramsweeper.txt file, so even hidden stuff such as mobile viruses dont get a change versus RAM Sweeper 2!
HTC Touch Flashlight With this simple tool you can easily modify your backlight settings so you can turn your HTC screen into a true Flashlight
CleanRAM 1.7 With this free CleanRAM mobile RAM cleaning tool you can clean out wasted RAM without having to restart your HTC or other windows mobile device.
Zlaunchy Zlaunchy is a powerful search tool for your pocket PC which searches through your whole system
Dont sleep when you have dontsleep installed on your HTC, it will never go in standby mode anymore
Pocket Cleartype with this tiny freeware HTC software application you can turn cleartype On/Off on your HTC device
Wifi Toggler HTC software This Freeware HTC Software allows you to toggle your Wifi Receiver On/Off with a single click from the start menu
HTC Clipboard tool We know that your HTC already has the windows screenshot tool, however this clipboard tool adds a "stack" to your clipboard, so you can take more then 1 screenshot at a time, every screenshot will now be stacked in the clipboard tool on your HTC. Must have software for everyone who needs to use the screenshot function a lot
Dikeytus Dikeytus is a remote control application for your PC. From now on you can control your PC straight from your HTC phone. Notice that this application is not a remote desktop application! Program Dikeytus to perform a predefined action on your PC within the single touch of a button
Flexilis mobile security Flexilis is your Mobile device security package, this software protects you from several network threads such as:
- Block viruses and malware
- Stops hackers before they enter your system
- Securely backup your data to the cloud
- Protect user generated content

Wifimonster Wifimonster is a freeware mobile network discovery tool such as netstumbler, but this time for pocket PC or windows mobile devices
Smart IP This HTC software tool uses a local compressed database from Maxmind to search for an IP address. because SmartIP has a 97% accurate database, it can give you the country, city, latitude, longitude, state, postal code for almost any IP address. localize an IP address immediately after you looked at it
HTTP Remote With HTTP Remote you can control your PC from remote distance, never have to get out of your chair again when watching a movie on your PC and when a nasty popup appears, just hide it again using your HTTP remote software
Silent Spy Silent Spy is theft protection software for your HTC mobile phone, When you boot this software for the first time it will detect your simcard and register it inside the software, if afterwards, your HTC is stolen, and the thief inserts its own SIMCard, Silent Spy will send an SMS message to you from the thiefs phone number, in that way you will be able to find him back. He will regret ever having stolen your device!
S2U2 S2U2 is freeware HTC Software which gives your HTC an iphone style look. To unlock your device you can now just slide the unlock button as if it was an iPhone. Is reported to have some problems with the background on some HTC models.
Phone Creeper This tiny beta version of phone creeper can trigger multiple actions remotely when, f.e. your device was lost or stolen, some of this features are:
- Retrieve call history/log
- Receive call log
- Turn on Ringer (and loud)
- Lock device
- Receive live SMS notifications
- Run a program
- Add/remove call blocking
- Get/delete contact
- Get/delete appointments/tasks
- Get/delete SMS
- Wipe storage card
- Get GPS Location
Androkidd with this beta version of Androkidd you have full control over your HTC, rearrange icons, display extras on your today screen, gps data, financial info, androkidd for your HTC can do everything!
Vibro with Vibro you can change the patern of your phones vibration when you are being called, notice that this might not work on all HTC / windows mobile devices
WMLonglife WMLonglife will try to let your battery last longer by switching from 3G to 2G/GPRS when your HTC is not used. Absolute must have HTC software for everyone who thinks his battery runs flat too fast!
Touch Lock Pro is a general purpose locking program for the newer HTC phones. TouchLockPro is designed not to interfere with running applications and is a multipurpose locking application. Other locking solutions are often specific for locking only incoming calls/SMS. A lot of locking solutions also place a (transparant looking) Window on top of the running application (e.g. slide 2 unlock), so the information of the background application is no longer visible. This is not the case for TouchLockPro, so it can be kept lean and mean. Also the used resources is very very low.
Shortcut Maker just browse in the HTC Shortcut maker through your software or other items, and click add to add them to the shortcut startmenu
icon changer With icon changer you can easily change icons in your startmenu
Cleartype Tuner 2 Tune Cleartype on or off on your HTC or other windows mobile device and tune its levels with Cleartype Tuner 2 software
Curtain Call Curtain call is a HTC / Pocket PC lock screen / today screen with many cool features such as:

* Battery Meter
* Tasks current / overdue
* Scratch Caller Picture to answer and ignore incoming calls (Scratch down 50% to answer scratch horizontal 50% to send to voicemail.
* Next calendar appointment
* Caller Id info with name and number
* Caller Picture
* Unlock when Keyboard is slide out (Display orientation changes).
* Unlock on charge or computer connection
* Close phone Dialer when hang up occurs
* Shell notifications audible alert works
* Unlock when receiving call while syncing
* Change screen BackColor when screen or caller picture is pressed while unlocking.
* Display 12 hour clock with date
* Display Service Location (Home Roam NoSVC, Search)
* Display active signal strength
* Display current speaker volume setting
* Battery Friendly (No Timers to reduce battery life)
* Exclude some applications from CC locking the screen (Safe Programs) Don’t put in activesync or cc will never lock screen.
* Do Not Distrub feature
* Initially lock when in call
* Configurable options Double Click X to close and hit setup button
* Remain unlocked when call recv’d and keyboard is out
* Displays status of current data connection eg EVDO 1X EDGDE etc.

Serversman With Serversman you can transform your HTC or windows mobile device into a NAS (Network Storage Device). the system uses Emotion Link, Emotion Link technology provides the SSL encrypted secure connection over LAN and WAN. You can publish files in your device through
LnkMgr LnkMgr is a Link Manager tool for your mobile device, it was never so easy before to create and catagorize links in the Start Menu folder
TD2 Tools HTC Diamond 2 TD2 Tools gathers the best HTC Diamond 2 hacks in one fine package, if you don't like to mess around in your registry to boost your device, just press one of the buttons in TD2 Tools to have the correct adjustments applied for you
JZ SmartMort map hardware buttons to a copy paste action, or choose which browser you want to use to open a link
Wifi Remote Access Wifi Remote Access is HTC freeware software which allows you to control your HTC or other windows mobile device immediately from your desktop computer through the build in Wifi connection
Zooomer HD2 Zooomer is a config tool for the build in 'pinch to zoom'-program. it was designed for the HTC Diamond 2 only
PPC Configurator PPC Configurator is a freeware HTC application which allows you to configure your SIPs, hide or change the ones you never use and many other functions.


1. Hide/Show SIPs
2. Rename of your SIPs
3. Set Default to the SIPs often use.
4. SMS Threading Configure
5. Show/Hide SIM Contact
6. Lunar Calendar
7. Auto Lock Settings
8. Added a Reset Button for your PPC
9. HTC Gesture
10. HTC Album Minimize on OK
12. Wakeup on New SMS
13. Enabled/Disabled SMS Delivery Notification
14. Change Bluetooth Device Name

DCITask This HTC application is only 5kb large but is really must have software! dciTask displays a small item at the top right corner of your screen, and when tapped it will show all running applications on your system.
BSB Tweaks optimize the way you work with your HTC with BSB Tweaks, BSB Tweaks enables some hidden functions on your device such as screen rotation or a zoom function
Set Volume Make it easier to change your general volume with this large Set Volume slide button
Volumekeys were you always bothered about not having a simple way to change the volume on your HTC? Well, with volumekeys you can adjust the volume with one simple finger slide! requires .NET Framework 3.5 to be installed on your device
Titanium System Panel this basic system panel shows the memory status of your windows mobile or HTC device
T2 Remote touch the fastest remote control and file manager software
NoDataInRoaming NoDataInRoaming disables your data connection (GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA) when you are on a roaming network, and enables it again when you are back connected to your home carrier. No more expensive and unpleasant invoices from your carrier! displays info about available memory in your internal device, an external flash card or any other removable media or storage device
MMTaskmanager MMTaskmanager is a freeware mobile taskmanager for your HTC or any other windows mobile device, it allows you to switch between running applications. You can also view memory consuption and kill applications instantly
ShortenMobile ShortenMobile watches the clipboard of the device and automatically shortens the urls for you. The application can be set to run at start up and hides in the background
Shortcut creator Shortcut creator helps you to recover shortcuts from programs stored on a memorycard after you performed a hard reset
Close Process Close Process is a simple taskmanager for windows mobile or HTC devices
Data Controller list up all your GPRS connections and prevent them from starting to reduce your GPRS costs
UpTime show statistical boot history or current uptime of your system. This software will require a reboot in order to work properly
Amigaquin a classic puzzle game for your mobile device, move the cars so you are able to free the green car from this traffic jam
Boxee Remote Boxee Remote is remote control software which uses the build in Wifi of your device or cellular connection
G-Trigger G-Trigger detects when a certain action is detected on the G-Sensor and then performs a predefined action.

Currently supported actions by the G-Trigger HTC software:

- Close/Minimize active window.
- Dial a number.
- Answer/Reject incoming call.
- Launch Program.
- Ringer Loud/Vibrate/Silent.
- Screen orientation.
- Send Keys.*
- Task Switch.
- Turn On/Off screen.
- WiFi/Bluetooth/Phone radio - On/Off/Toggle.
- Media Controls.**
- Volume Control.
- Simulate Power Button - Power Off/Power On/Long Press Power Button.
- Open control panel settings.
- Activate profile.
- Save Screenshot (BMP/JPG/PNG/GIF at predefined location).*
- Change Wallpaper (Today Screen, Manila Home & S2U2).*
- Show/Hide/Toggle On-Screen Keyboard (SIP).*

* Please refer to readme.txt for sending special keys.
** Currently supported media players are: Windows Media Player, S2P, Microfi Nitrogen, Core Player, TCPMP, Pocket Player, Pocket Music and Manila (TF3D) Music Tab.

Interface Monitor Software with this Interface Monitor freeware software for your HTC or other windows mobile devices you will be able to track your data consumption over the Wifi, bluetooth, GPRS, edge or any other mobile network interface
RegeditOne From now on you can also tweak your registry on your windows mobile HTC device with this mobile RegeditOne freeware software
Screen off save your battery with this screen off software for your HTC or windows mobile device. this software turns off your screen without putting your device in the actual sleep mode
ShellSwitcher Switch between the most well known shells on your device (such as SPB Mobile Shell, Titanium, Touch Flo, Androkkid, etc....) with this freeware shellswitcher software
ThrottleLock Draw a predefined patern in order to unlock your HTCs screen with this ThrottleLock freeware software
Get IP Host Get your HTCs IP address and hostname with this simple tool.
WiMoRun WiMoRun enables you to run programs typing in their name or a keyword, just like you can do in the new windows 7 start screen.
Java Shortcut run Java midlets on your HTC without the need of installing a Java emulator. JavaShortcut will create a new shortcut for that midlet and when you run it, it starts your emulator with that midlet.
Wake on Wan boot your computer over this internet with this Wake on Wan application. This can be useful if you want to start for example a remote session to your home PC to collect some files.
G-Netspeed G-Netspeed is an UMTS and 3G speedmeter for your HTC or any other windows mobile device, enter the URL of a file to download (for accurate measurement, enter files larger then 1Mb
uTask with uTask you can reassign virtual keys such as the windows and X key, close, minimize or open a file / program with one of the standard software keys
Keep Screen Readable change your screens orientation, or change backlight settings when a certain application is booted with the keepscreenreadable freeware software for HTC
Link2cpl with Link2CPL you can easily create shortcuts to items inside your control panel
Quick Shutdown Quick shutdown adds 3 instant shutdown, reboot and sleepmode sliders to your HTC, so you can perform these actions with just a single slide of your fingers
CellMapper CellMapper is a program used to map the extent of your network providers coverage and cell phone tower locations. This information helps others determine if they should use the same provider or not. It is able to run both with an without a data plan.
G-Nettrack UMTS/GSM - net monitoring. Logs CELLID and RXLEVEL. Creates KML and tab delimited file for easy viewing in Google Earth or Google Maps for Mobile.
Android Windows Boot Android Windows Boot is HTC windows mobile software which can create a dual boot environment, so you can run both Android and Windows Mobile on your HTC. Notice that using this software is at own risk since wrong handlings can brick your device. If no boot choise is made within 30 seconds, the software will boot automatically the last used OS
MMApplauncher Replace your startmenu by a startbanner similar to the one used in the Android OS, not only does MMApplauncher replace your startbanner, it also keeps track of the last 20 opened applications, or to replace shortcut names with any name you would like to be displayed
CHT Editor CHT Editor gives you the possibility to make changes to your Home Cookies tab without having to dive into the registry
Auto Loudspeaker Auto Loudspeaker is an application which turns the loudspeaker on or off depending on settings of the proximity or G-sensor. Answer an incoming call by gesture: wave your hand in front of the proximity-sensor.
Blinker Blinker is freeware software for your HTC which lets your devices LED blink once every few seconds to bring you an idea on the status of your device (Battery lifetime, or no-signal) or on the status of new messages, SMS messages, missed calls, appointments, etc. almost any sequences in any color can be configured with Blinker. a true added value for any windows mobile device!
PHM Registry editor easily edit or consult your mobile devices registry with PHM Registry editor mobile. You can export your registry to a reg file in order to make a full backup of your devices registry, or just use the search to find the key you are looking for!
Filechart Put all file and folder sizes in a handy pie chart. Finally its instantly visible how much storage each item on your HTC takes!
Countdown Alarm a simple freeware Countdown alarm for your HTC or other windows mobile devices