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HTC HTC Themes

make your HTC phone even cooler with a custom made HTC theme
Black Skin customize your HTC phone with a cool new black theme
Tropical Theme don't have time to go to the caraibs? Why don't you just enjoy this tropical theme on your HTC or other Windows Mobile enabled phone?
Ice Theme give your HTC phone or other Windows Mobile device this cold look with this icecold ice theme
Pocket Theme Organizer This software actually needs to run on your desktop, it can be used to manage and preview themes before you upload them to your HTC or other Windows Mobile enabled smarthphone
Mega Theme Pack a huge collection of free theme samples for your HTC or other windows mobile enabled devices
Pocket Fractals Explore Mandelbrot fractals in real-time on your computer and mobile device at never before seen graphing speeds!
HTC Fish theme if you like the blue sea or white beaches, you will love this fish theme for your HTC phone
home theme restyle your HTC interface with this whole new home look showing you the most important items on the mainpage, this is not just a HTC theme…
HTC halloween theme this Windows Mobile Theme for your HTC phone is the ideal theme to get through the halloween period. Pumpkins all over the place!!!
SHBT MyHome MyHome is the next generation of touch oriented user interface for Windows Mobile devices. You will be inspired by the beautiful design which let your device look pretty and ease the way of control.
Deep Space theme watch thousands of stars on your HTC background in this Landscape supporting theme for Windows Mobile
Windows 7 phone series metro set give your older device an upgrade to the new Windows 7 mobile phone "metro icons set"
Valencia theme a theme about this beautifull spanish city
Moonlite illusion theme enjoy this overnight moonlite illusion HTC theme
Waterfall theme enjoy this wet waterfall theme for your HTC pocket PC phone
Easy Today Launcher with easy today launcher for windows mobile or HTC devices you can add your most favourite applications and software to the today screen of your HTC device
FEWidgets Ultimate FEWidgets is the Ultimate today screen for your HTC or windows mobile device. Replace your icons with a widget based system
Red Star Christmas theme a nice HTC theme for the holidays, Red star christmas theme
Snow Forest a forest under the snow in this holidays theme for your HTC or windows mobile device
Titaniumstarter Titanium starter is the fastest way to start HTC Applications through your Today screen
Metrix Today Screen Metrix is a Today screen for your HTC or Pocket PC which gives you an overview of your memory consumption or your battery status on your today screen
BattClock Battclock replaces the battery indicator with clock plus percentage battery level
HD2 connexions HD2 connexions adds switchbuttons for wifi, mobile network and bluetooth to your today screen
c00kies home tab give your homescreen a new look and some extra functions with this c00kies home tab theme for HTC - windows mobile
MoonClock Display the moon phase and the clock on your HTC today screen with this MoonClock application
Cookies Home Tab Cookies Home Tab is a Sense 2.5 Home Tab modification 2
HD2 Windows Vista beta Simulate windows vista on your HTC HD with this software
Arkswitch ArkSwitch is a new themable Windows Mobile 6.5.x task manager
Manhattan Project Military User Interface tired of the original User interface? Install the Manhatten Project Military theme for your HTC or other windows mobile device. The minimalistic military redesign has a perfect intuitive use
Persian Calendar for manila Display the Persian Calendar on almost all possible locations (today screen, appointments screen, etc)
Winstart Beta 2 Winstart is an animated replacement for the original start menu on your HTC
iContact - iDialer Two Intuitive Wp7 skins for Free and finger Friendly programs iContact And iDialer, Notice that the idialer skin will overwrite your existing theme as there is no way to select one
Tornado Theme final a whirlwind over your screen in this theme for your HTC
Android Lock 1.3 This HTC theme simulates the lock screen of an android phone
Wapac Wapac is an automatic wallpaper changer for windows mobile device which can change your wallpapers in any set interval on your Today screen
Color rain its raining stripes of different colors on your HTC with this color rain theme
Cross Colors crossing stripes of colors on the today screen of your HTC phone
Green Grade theme This HTC Theme gives you the feeling you are looking at the sea. The Greengrade theme for HTC
Manilla 2D Manilla style theme for your HTC in 2D
Omnia theme Beautiful Omnia theme for your HTC or other windows mobile device
Cartoon Clouds VGA
Cartoon clouds QVGA
FreeStylWM transform your today screen into an iPhone style device with this FreeStylWM theme
HTC Diamond theme give your HTC or other windows mobile a HTC Diamond look with this HTC Diamond clone theme
Cookie HomeTab 2 Cookie HomeTab 2 brings this Android User Interface to your Windows Mobile HTC