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HTC Organizers

under this HTC freeware category you can find back different kinds of Organizers, if you forget a lot of things, here you can find the software you need!
My Shoplist May Shoplist should make easier for you to shop for groceries. This freeware program has only a simple function, yet it cant be missed in daily life: shoping list
Team Calendar Team Calendar allows you to import all shared calendars you can access in your company, in this way it will be easier to plan a new meeting or to check when your collegues are on holiday. Minimum requirements are Windows Mobile 5, Windows Mobile 6, 500K memory required
Simple Checklist this simple checklist keeps track of all your completed work and things still to do…
LeaderTask HTC Organizer 1.2 with LeaderTask you can organize your tasks in a tree structure on your HTC / Windows mobile device
Ganttscheduler HTC freeware Gantscheduler is freeware for your HTC or windows mobile device which lets you view both your tasks and your appointments at the same time. Tap or drag your appointments around to create your perfect shedule.
Smart Organizer 3.1 Smart Organizer is an all in one software organizer for your HTC or windows mobile device, it gathers useful software such as a shopping list, food inventory, task list…. In short: about everything which can be organized can be found back in smart organizer
Shopping Cart 4.2 Shopping Cart is a simple HTC freeware Shopping Organizer, The applicationitself is a simple list viewer which displays the preconfigured items as a bulleted list. You can have it open and save shopping lists but you can create or modify them on the fly to suit your needs. You can manually type in items to add to the shopping list or you can type up a list in Notepad or something similar. If you want to import a list in the application just save the file as a text file with each entry separated by a carriage return (new line / Enter) and copy it to your device. Then, in the application click File and Open and browse to where you copied the .txt file.
Today Agenda 1.5 Today Agenda 1.5 is a calendar - appointment organizer for your HTC or windows mobile device which displays your appointments on your today screen 30 days in advance
Spoondo Spoondo is a freeware organizer for your HTC / Windows mobile device which replaces the default Outlook Tasks functionality. And what makes you want to need spoondo? well its fingerfriendlyness, unlike the outlook software, spoondo can be controlled without stylus
Handshopper 3 Handshopper 3 is a freeware organizer for your HTC or windows mobile which is not just a shopping task list, no, it also reminds everything you ever purchased before, so you can easily look up an item which you cant remind at the moment but which you purchased before
OtO 0.5 OtO, the One Touch Organizer is organizer freeware software for HTC or other WM devices which can be easily used with only a few finger touches
GooSync GooSync is a HTC freeware organizer which is able to synchronize your HTC or windows mobile device with your gmail calendar
Keep Contactin Keep Contactin' is a simple address book application. It allows you to manage your contacts in the similar way the Microsoft Pocket Outlook does and also has advanced sorting functionality (sorting contacts by First/Last Name, Address, Phone Number and etc.)
Milo Diary Milo Diary is a freeware organizer for WM or HTC devices which keeps you helping track of all travel expenses you need to make for your company. Just enter the unit price, and the total distance traveled, and the meter will do the rest
PIM Birthdayz PIM Birthdayz collects birthdays from your outlook calendar and contacts, gathers them at one location and gives you the possibility to execute easy filters such as viewing all birthdays for a certain month
GTLIst GTList lets you create custom lists from predefined items, the advantage of this list is that you can set the price of items upfront, so you will never be surprised when you receive the bill
Tree Todo List view your Todo list in a simple tree structure with this great freeware software organizer
AMTasks AMTasks is a windows mobile today plugin which gives you the possibility to display multiple tasks on your today screen.
Reensoft Outliner Reensoft is a true outliner tool completely available for free to help you outline your thoughts
Geko NewCal Geko NewCal is not only a finger-friendly appointments tool, it also gives you the possibility to send your new appointments over SMS
Contacts Search Contacts search is an application for your HTC or windows mobile device which allows you to perform multi-patern searches on: - Full name
- Full home address
- Full work address
- All contact phone numbers
- All contact emails
- All contact IM address and Nickname
- Contact Notes
- Company and Job title
- Categoties
- Department
- Children
- Manager
- Assistant Name and Phone
- Web page (Only valid URL are supported - valid URL contains http://)
Ptasks Ptasks is a finger friendly Task manager for your HTC or windows mobile device
Shopping List Manager stop messing around with small notes to write your shopping list down to, Shopping List Manager lets you shop in style, this manager is as easy as can be, since not much mumbo jumbo is required for a decent shopping list manager
My Call Logs My Call Logs is a simple call log management organizer for your HTC or other windows mobile device
Nectra Contact Manager Nectra is Contact Management Software designed for users who have a huge contacts list. This software is especially handy because of its Finger Friendlieness
OCAgenda OCAgenda for HTC replaces the original windows agenda and adds even a lot more extra cool features to your agenda!
WMDownloader WMDownloader is a download manager for HTC or windows mobile which you can use to download for example files from rapidshare, notice that also other one-click-hosters are supported. This program uses a textfile in which you can write down the URLs of the files to be downloaded, WMDownloader will then do the rest for you
MobilePVD a mobile viewer for your PVD movie organizer software
Shopbuddy Shopbuddy is a simple Shopping list for your HTC. With this manager you can also create an items list of stuff you buy frequently, so you can easily add it to a new shopping list afterwards.
MyCarrito Shopping list manager MyCarrito is a freeware shopping list manager for your HTC or windows mobile phone, this software also has some unique features such as: the possibility to sort your shopping list by categories, sort the categories depending on the path you follow in the supermarket, develop your own categories or items for this software, you can also see an overview of the items or quantity you have bought when you went to the supermarket the last time, or just synchronize your list with your wife so you know what items still to buy.
Today Notes Today Notes displays all your short notes on your main today screen.
iCalendarFactory sports calendar iCalendarFactory adds the important matches of your favourite teams of the most popular sports such as soccer, football, baseball to your HTC calendar
Pocket Shopping always have your shopping list in your pocket with this pocket shopping software for HTC or windows mobile phones, this shopping management software has the possibility to keep a master list of frequently bought items to make it easier to create a list for your next shopping day
MyNote this Notes application for your HTC or windows mobile device gives you the look and feel of a real noteboard
Salat Reminder Salat Reminder is an unusual prayer times application, this freeware HTC software does not only remind you, but theres also a possibility to warn your friends by email or 10 SMS 10 minutes upfront. Salat Reminder, an unusual Prayer organizer!
GogTasks with GogTasks it becomes a lot easier to synchronise both the tasks list from your normal as your google apps account. insert, delete or modify tasks in your google tasklist within seconds with the GogTasks software
Checklist A simple checklist application for your HTC
OC Alarms 12 different alarms compatible with ocAgenda, OC Alarms for HTC and windows mobile
OC Agenda OC Agenda is a good alternative for the build in Windows Mobile Agenda
Driveshaft Finally a HTC tool which helps you keep track of your REAL car costs, maintenance, fuel, all can be traced back with Driveshaft
Contact Exchanger Contact Exchanger lets you sort your contacts in 7 different ways such as: First name, First middle last name, last first name, first last name, first last company, last first company. so you can have all kinds of possible interesting combos to order your contacts
MobiNote this small noteblock for Mobile devices stores its data in a small SQLite database, therefore it creates the possibility to sort, filter or create new entries in its database. The device can be password protected and makes use of an English / Russian GUI
Heavenly ST List Heavenly ST List is a tool which can help you keep track of everything you did in your life, Some of the features are: Create multiple list (groceries, to do, projects, etc.) Really easy to use and friendly interface Create different levels in your lists Move items up and down Expand or collapse nodes with one click Ability to store description for each item Option to assign icons to list and items Assign check boxes to track completed items Export the lists to text file for external manipulation Protect your information with backup/restore tool
Ganttscheduler2 Gantt Schedulder 2 is an improved Scheduling tool which makes use of a Gantt chart. With a massive amount of new scheduling options, this Ganttscheduler 2 becomes one of the most powerful sheduling tools for your HTC
Timeo Mobile Timeo Mobile for HTC is a time management application for your HTC, with this application you can keep track on how you have spend your time, divide your time over your different customers or projects and more. in this latest version you can save your shedules on your memorycard so you can store them offline on your desktop or any other safe media.
iCalParse import iCalendar appointments and tasks with this simple iCalParse application for windows mobile enabled HTC phones. This application can import icl and ics files, take a quick look at the data stored in your iCal files, export your appointments to an iCal device file and more, this calendar tool is the ultimate exchange system for iCal files
CRM FacilAgenda with this HTC organizer software you can plan the tasks of the salesforce of your company, manage the items and prices of your product, view customer info and more with this freeware CRM FacilAgenda for HTC or windows mobile android systems