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HTC HTC Mobile Accelerometer software

Under this category you can find back any windows mobile or HTC software which makes use of the build in accelerometer or tilt sensor
Caver accelerometer in this Accelerometer HTC game you control a small bat flying through different caves, don't hit any objects to survive! The game includes an online highscore list
Zensor2 use your HTC Touch Pro or HTC Diamonds Gsensor to automatically rotate your screen. Were you ever jalouse on this iPhone function? Well this application is THE tool for you!
Boing tilt the sides of your HTC to start moving the ball around in boing
Shake2Send accelerometer With Shake2Send you just need to shake your phone (G-sensor) to transfer a file or to make it ready to receive a file
Experiment 13 tilt use the accelerometer to guide Roy Tate back home in this exiting game which uses magnificent mobile graphics
Gapple tilt Gapple was a game designed for the HTC Touch Pro and HTC Diamond in which you need to use the G sensor to move the blue ball so it touches the positive bubbles
Epilepsy Detector EPDetect detects Epilepsy attacks and distinguishes them from normal movement, when detected you can choose to send your current location to any preset SMS contact. The SMS message contains time, GPS coordinates (if the phone has GPS) and a short message, allowing the carer to raise the alarm and take remedial action or call an ambulance.
HD Boobs Use your accelerometer to shake this couple of HD Virtual 3D Boobs! A must have entertainment accelerometer application for each male!
Gyrator HTC screen rotator Gyrator is an application for your HTC which uses your accelerometer to turn your HTCs screen
Gsoundbox Gyrometer Gsoundbox is fun freeware entertainment software for your G-sensor enabled HTC or windows mobile device in which you need to shake your device to let it play a predefined sound
Gremote Remotely control your PC with Gremote, use the tiltsensor as your scrollball.


-Unzip attached file
-Install GRemoteSetup.CAB on you device
-Run GRemoteServer.exe on you PC
-Enter correct IP address in GRemote app on you Diamond or press "Find" button
-If you use GSen remember to add this app to GSen config
- This app use UDP 5656 port so disable it in firewall on your PC (NOT in router)
- Tap and hold you screen to move mouse
- Communication between client and server is realized with TCP/IP so you need to use any network connection WiFi, USB, or BT with Personal Area Network (BT not tested yet)

Shake and Save take a screenshot of your device simply by shaking it with this shake and save freeware software which uses your devices tilt sensor - accelerometer
Gravity Balls Gravity Balls is a G-sensor accelerometer controlled game for your HTC or windows mobile device
G-Rotator G-Rotator HTC G-sensor software detects the orientation of your HTC to change the screens orientation. Sensititity and waitingtime before the software is activated can be set.