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HTC HTC call management

under this HTC Freeware category you can find all kinds of call management software and call managers
Mobile number locator 3.0 Mobile Number Locator for HTC traces incomming calls, use the mobile number code to trace Service Provider, State, or Reference City.
Auto Call Recorder this application records your calls from the moment you get an incomming call, you don't even need to boot the software before you answer the call, just boot it when booting your phone and let it run in the background, the call will be recorded automatically and saved into a predefined folder. Notice that it might in some countries not be legally allowed to record your calls, make sure to check this upfront
TrueCaller With one simple touch you can look up username and location of your callers only by using the truecaller application
NetCallerID NetCallerID is great anti-spam call software for your HTC or windows mobile device, it tries to retrieve the full name of the caller, address with map link, telco name and location, criminal history and the number of caller complaints so you can detect spamcalls and ignore them
Pocket Call Bouncer Pocket Call Bouncer for HTC or windows mobile helps you to avoid annoying calls, when a phone number is entered, if the device receives a call from that number, it will either send the call to your voice mail or just hang up on them. You might or might not get a ring from your phone. All calls will show up in your normal phone log. This application should work for every PocketPC screen resolution.
Xblockr unwanted calls blocker duck, drop or divert received calls on your HTC which you do not wish to answer. notice that this tool does not work on CDMA phones.


Duck - disconnects the call. If voice mail box is configured then the caller reaches your voice mail box or the caller hears an automated message depending on the operator.

Duck & SMS - disconnects the call and sends a pre configured SMS to the caller.

Drop - the call gets automatically picked up for a fraction of second and gets disconnected instantly. The behavior is just like how the caller feels when there is a network error.

Divert - the call automatically goes to a predefined number of your choice.

Historia HTC call Logging software Historia gives you a lot extra features on top of the included call logging history of windows mobile. An example are filtering options, excel export possibilities, bill overview and many more.
HTC Call blacklist with this caller blacklist application for your HTC you can blacklist undesidered, annoyng and nuisance calls. You can blacklist numbers, block anonymous calls or block calls in a pre-sheduled timeframe
Windows Mobile HTC Blacklist block blacklisted, anonymous or sheduled calls with the Windows Mobile HTC compatible blacklist software, blacklists are connected to a SIM card, so you can create a blacklist for each SIM-card in use in your device. Windows Mobile Blacklist is devided into 2 applications, one to reject unwanted calls, and one to create policies and rules for blocking calls.