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HTC HTC entertainment

This Windows Mobile HTC category contains all freeware tools which might be used during your free time, or to entertain yourself. Besides you didn't buy an HTC to just use it as a phone…
Syntrax music composer Syntrax is a music composer for on the road, create your own songs whenever you want, wherever you want with this free music composer for HTC or windows mobile phones


  • Upto 8 stereo audio channels simultaneously (previously only 6)
  • Playback of samples with bi-directional looping support
  • Realtime sound synthesis with 15 sound generation effects
  • Realtime effects like filters, morphs and echoes
  • A built in small sample editor
  • A full featured sequencer
  • Dynamic playback options (songspeed, groove, muting etc..)
  • Realtime instrument parameter changing
  • Full library of preset songs and sounds for you to start working with
  • User adjustable sound quality for slower PocketPC's
  • Best of all: IT's FREE!!!!

Newest Features:

  • Memory card support
  • An improved graphical user interface (knobs and dials)
  • An enormous speed gain. The sound engine and GUI have been hugely improved in speed.
  • MIDI compatibility
  • Loads of small improvements users have emailed
FreeDBGrabber If you want to know everything about each artist right away at any moment, you can install FreeDBGrabber on your HTC. freeDBGrabber connects to and retrieves all data you wanted to know about a zillion of artists
Mdiggerreader MDigger is WM freeware software which brings you up-to-date access to content from your favorite websites, RSS feeds and many more items straight to your HTC or windows mobile device
Phonviso During the playback of audio files on your HTC or other windows mobile device, this freeware software will display moving pictures, this is a visual equalizer for windows mobile
dCyde dCyde takes the decision for you if you can't make up your mind. Enter 3 options and dCyde will pick one for you
Winmodof Calculate the depth of field according to the equipment, the camera settings and the focus distance with winmodof. any photography amateur or pro will love this software
Deluxe Moon view visible information about the current position of the moon depending on your current location, view zodiac signs, the moon phase or at what hour you will see the moon rise. All interesting info which has anything to do with the moon can be found in this entertaining HTC Deluxe Moon software
e-reader eReader for HTC is a freeware mobile ereader which has different useful functions such as a searchfunction which makes reading ebooks a real plesure
Haali 2.0 Reader Haali is HTC Freeware software which makes it possible to open ebooks in plain text and copy / paste pieces of text. Main features: Last viewed position in file is saved on exit; ClearType support; Any font/size can be selected; Fullscreen and landscape mode; Colors can be adjusted; Text search; Dictionary support. tapping a word opens a translation window; Table of contents and bookmarks; Multiple columns support (1-4); PRC/PDB files support (plain text and XML only, HTML is not supported); Built-in ZIP archives support; Autoscroll (controlled from keyboard/buttons only, settings are in Options->Buttons).
Pitch Perfect guitar tuner tune your guitar strings without a separate Guitar tuner, Pitch Perfect is one of the basic elements to become a new rockstar!
Weather Watch Mobile Automatically retrieve the current conditions, hourly forecast, daily forecast, detailed forecast, severe weather alerts from the National Weather Service
PDACraft Paint With PDACraft paint you can create paintings on your touchscreen without pencil but with your fingers or stylus
Skyfire Browser Skyfire gives your Touchscreen enabled HTC or windows mobile device the possibility to browse the internet like you would do from home
Mito Team Paint Mito Team Paint is a tiny application for your HTC which allows you to use your phone as a drawing board
WinRead WinRead is your full functional freeware HTC and Windows Mobile RSS reader. Winread allows you to organize your RSS feeds and even share them with friends using simple text messages or by email
HTC Horoscope with this horoscope freeware application for HTC phones you will get daily fresh horoscopes for all zodiac signs.
IMAGToDate With IMAGToDate you can rename the mostpopular image formats such as JPG, GIF and BMP to MMddyyyyHHmm_RandomID never have to nerve yourself again in those stupid numbers given to your pictures by your windows mobile HTC device again. And best of all, this software is completely freeware!
Omniano HTC piano tool Omniano is a touchscreen piano for your HTC.
Omniano Features
you can now start creating your own piano compositions right away with your HTC device
* Fast Response PIANO KEYBOARD.
* Pretty good Sound Play and have no Delay.
* Full Screen Key
* Vibrate (M490, M495 only)
* 180 Rotate by Motion Sensor(M490,M495 only)
* Led Indicator by C position or F position
* Drag and Play
* 4 Octave(C3~c6)
* configuration by user(will be support)
* QVGA, WQVGA, WVGA support
Pitch Perfect HTC Guitar Tuner do you need to tune your Guitar, and don't you have the necessary tools? Well all you need is a Windows mobile device or HTC phone and this Pitch Perfect Guitar tuner software in order to let you play the perfect sound. Pitch Perfect Guitar Tuner recognizes the correct tones and lets you know when they need to be adjusted
Keep Recordin Keep Recordin' is a very simple, intuitive and lightweight mobile audio recorder. It is a nice replacement for the standard Windows Mobile audio recorder, because it allows to choose a directory in which recorded audio files will be stored. Keep Recordin' also suppresses ambient noises and stores audio files in chronological order.
Novii Remote Infraredcodes Novii Infraredcodes works offcourse only on Infrared equiped devices, but is extremely useful! Novii contains more then 500 pre-defined codes for the most popular brands
Mobile Gamer Tag 2 With Mobile Gamertag you can show XBOX gamercards straight on your Mobile Pocket device or your HTC phone
Tonebox select the balls in the tonebox synthesizer to create a beat loop. Tonebox is easy to use HTC freeware entertainment software
MyPlayer Myplayer connects BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, Hulu, Five On Demand and MSN Video services directly without the need of having a mobile flashplayer installed
telesketch With telesketch you can make various drawings and share them with your friends over facebook, bluetooth telesketch or many more options.

- Select various styles of your pen (thick, medium, thin)
- Camera Capture
- Eraser
- Canvas color selection
- Canvas size customizable
- Send through MMS, Email, Bluetooth and Facebook.
- Portrait / Landscape aware

Vaayoo Socialbox Vaayoo Socialbox is a freeware tool for your HTC or windows mobile device which combines most important social and entertainment functions. Chat with your friend, receive their profile updates or share your media with Vaayoo Socialbox.


- share images and video
- supports Rich text and MMS
- Join private communities
- Facebook, Twitter, Youtube Mobilets
- Picture Slideshows
- vBox (auto backup media to the net)
- online Contact List
- veeTweets (video twitter)

Gsoundbox Gsoundbox is fun freeware entertainment software for your G-sensor enabled HTC or windows mobile device in which you need to shake your device to let it play a predefined sound
Days2Birthday Days2Birthday is Windows mobile or HTC freeware which gives you a quick overview of upcoming birthdays
Kombat Fatalities Carry all “Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe” Fatalities with you with this Kombat Fatalities application. Notice that this is not a game but just a fatalities manual for this popular mortal kombat fighting game
Freda ebook reader Freda is a freeware ebook reader for your HTC.

Freda HTC e-book reader Features:
- Compatible with Windows Mobile versions 5 and 6
- Reads ePub (DRM-free), HTML and TXT format books
- Touch screen interface
- Works with all screen dimensions and orientations
- Customisable fonts and colours

MySpot MySpot for HTC or windows mobile devices brings the Spotify service to the windows mobile platform
WM Live Synchronize your XBOX live status with your HTC and you will always be able to check your stats, friends or status online or offline
Dioui Dioui is a mobile application which allows you to find facebook friends around you, all you need to do is installing a facebook profile on your mobile device, from then on you can start using Dioui
Pocket Dice do you need to roll a dice in your game but did you lost it? Pocketroller will do the trick for you! You will never need a real die again!
Coin Flip your perfect HTC decision making software: coinflip
Databook shot info Databook is a logbook in which you can record valuable shot info so you will be able to improve your shot. All info such as humidity, altitude, air pressure and many more factors are stored in a SQL compact DB
Disc Golf Scorecard Disc Golf Scorecard for HTC was originally designed for iPhone but has now been converted and improved to work with your HTC or windows mobile device
Straits Times a mobile version of straits times, a must have for users in singapore
F1 2010 Pocket data all important data concerning the 2010 F1 session right in your pocket. update your data with a simple click after every race, get instant rankings on drivers, teams, or get instant facts on your favourite auto sports with this F1 2010 Pocket guide for HTC
Football Monitor HTC Get alerts when your favourite football team is playing, you will also get updates on the scores, from now on you will always be informed, even when you hit the road!
Media Center Remote Control control your windows media center edition from your HTC or any other windows mobile device.
Control the following basic features with your device:
-menu navigation
-play/pause, next/previous, skip/rewind
-volume control
-playback position seeking
-tv channel up/down
-entering text for searching through media lists
Romabravo Bible Reader romabravo Bible is a bible application for windows mobile phones which use KJV & NET translation, other translations to come in the future.
Age Count count down or up to any important event on your pocket PC with Age Count HTC software
Soundfrag immitate the sound of a Fragmentation, Flashbang, or Smoke Grenade on your HTC or mobile device, notice that the sounds produced by soundfrag might in some cases only be heard by people in their early 20s or younger
Chuck Norris Facts the best facts about one of the most briljant true man ever! Chuck norris!
Go Daft Punk Soundboard feel yourself a member of Daft Punk with this Go Daft mobile soundboard for your HTC or your Windows Mobile device
IMDB Mobile Do you recognize this story?: you are in a moviestore looking at this movie which has really cool pictures on its box, however you don't know it and deceide to buy it…. However after you have played the disc for 30 minutes you find this movie to be total crap…. It won't ever happen again, because from now on you can look up every movie with your IMDB Mobile HTC software
Lyrics finder with this mobile lyrics finder you can find back the lyrics of about every popular song instantly, do you want to sing along with this cool song playing on the radio? Enter the artists name on your HTC, select the played song and sing along!
wDrum Mobile VGA play your own pumping break beats with this Wdrum mobile drum computer for windows mobile phones. Save a sample pack and use the G-Sensor to play this fonky beat!
Midomi music search Midomi is an audio music search tool for your HTC or windows mobile phone, keep your phone in front of the speakers, Sing, hum, or even whistle your favourite song during 10 seconds and Midomi will search the song for you. Ideal to find back a song of which you can't remember the artists name or the songs name… this is must have software for your HTC!
Respondtime check your response time with this little tester, calculate your reaction time, with average, minimum, maximum
CineActus CineActus is the French version of IMDB, get movie details or descriptions in only a few clicks on your HTC with this freeware CineActus software
Late Reader Search, Sort or download pages for offline reading with this late reader software for your HTC
Leo Camera Anykey use your HTC HD2 or HTC touch volume keys to trigger the camera
VuvuzelaAppli Make the annoying Vuvuzela noise as heard in the Fifa Worldcup 2010 South Afrika stadiums
Wuvuzela 2 simulate the annoying vuvuzela sound known from the FIFA worldcup 2010 with this 2nd version of the Wuvuzela account
BibleSurfer from now on you will be able to access the bible at any place any time, BibleSufer is a simple Bible Reader for your mobile device
Pocket PlayPad Pocket PlayPad is a light and robust audio player for your HTC which supports the playback of mp3, wav, wma, m4a, vox, gsm, real audio, ra, ram, au, aif, flac, ogg and lots of other formats. With Pocket PlayPad it only takes a few minutes to create your playlist and start listening to it.
Bundesliga Pocket 2010-2011 find all information such as rankings, match overview and many more on this 2010-2011 Bundesliga pocket software
Premier League 2010-2011 an overview on the 2010-2011 Premier League competition. Match dates, club overviews or rankings, to be short: the complete Premier League guide for 2010-2011 right in your pocket!
GetyTV Youtube downloader With GetyTV you can download Youtube videos to your device, notice that you will need a special youtube player in order to be able to playback these movies, since the build in media player is not able to play them back.
WM Lotto 649 Can't deceide on what numbers to pick for your lotto? WMLotto chooses them for you. Based on a system where 6 numbers are choosen out of a total of 49 numbers
SlidingAlbums Sliding albums allows you to play back your MP3s or other music files directly from the todayscreen of your device
Rubiks Timer Speedcubers, you now have the possibility to measure your Rubiks Cube solving speed.

- Big Start/Stop button, easy to press
- 0.1s precision
- Inspection: 0, 3 or 15 seconds
- Keeps your Personal Best
- Start, stop and new PB sounds
- Short sound every 30 seconds
- Short sounds when 3, 2 or 1 second of inspection time is left
JRTopSoft Music Trainer Lite Music trainer is a game which helps you to learn your music notes. JRTopSoft Music Trainer contains a notes trainer with Scores and Speed Points and Accuracy
GetFreeMP3WM GetFreeMP3WM makes it so much easier for you to download your most favourite MP3s, just enter the band name, or the name of the song you would like to download, and getFreeMP3WM will do all other work for you
Finesse Story Basket got a story which you need to remember? Store it in the finesse story basket, you can give a title to every story and give it a rating between 0 and 10
Sightreader for Guitar This mobile software helps you to learn sight reading. Sightreader for guitar features a standard guitar fretboard. You can switch between right hand and left hand views. There are three running mode: Learning, Practice and Game. In learning mode, you click on fretboard. The matching note will be displayed on the staff. In practice and game mode, the application will randomly generate notes on the staff and you will find the fret on fretboard. It is a fun way to learn sight reading for guitar player.
Football Informer Football Informer for HTC or windows mobile devices gives live scores for almost any footballmatch worldwide, just select your league or country, or add your favourite matches to your calendar. Football Informer is THE tool for football fans who don't want to miss any of their matches
Youve scored Youve scored helps you to keep track of your ingame scores. You've scored allows for up to four players in games with up to 99 rounds and up to 50 different styles of games that you can use or edit (Scrabble, Uno, Whist, Last Card, Pictionary etc. etc.).
Getytv 1.3 GetyTV 1.3 is an improved version of the original GetyTV youtube capture software for HTC, with this tool you can download youtube videos to your HTCs device memory. Supported download formats are: 3gp , flv , mp4 , mp4
Cineactus 2 Cineactus 2 gives you information (in french) on your favourite movies
Groove Downloader with groovedownloader you can download music on your HTC mobile device from the network
mvu mobile viewer mvu mobile viewer is the first application for your HTC which makes it possible to browse through several video service websites with only one searchbar. Search through videosites such as (YouTube, Dailymotion, CollegeHumor, Tube8 and many more with a single mouseclick
MP3 Taggy Lite Scan your device for MP3s and edit their ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags with MP3 Tagy Lite, so it will become a lot easier from now on to find back your most favourite songs on your HTC! MP3 Taggy Lite is what you need if your MP3 archive would currently be a mess....
MohanCricketLive Get live Cricket scores from the ESPN News feed. This software downloads news from any RSS feed and puts the selected news in your notification .The RSS feed gets updated according to the frequency set by the user.
Foobar2000 Foobar 2000 is a Windows Mobile / HTC remote control solution for the foobar2000 music player. the tool contains a web service server based on the foo_comserver2 foobar plugin and a Windows Mobile client that access the server over Wi-Fi.
Mediabase Mobile Mediabase Mobile allows you to take your Mediabase database on the road, from now on you don't need to have your computer anymore to verify anything in your mediabase
You ve Scored Pro You ve Scored Pro is a small application which lets you keep track of your cardgame scores, it can handle up to 20 players and games which contain up to 99 game rounds.
Miasto Muzyki Internet Radio thenthousands of songs, almost hundred different radio stations, and a WMA 48 kbps stream which makes it possible to listen over 3G. Miasto Muzyki internet radio has everything on board to be one of the greatest radio applications for your HTC
Photo Curse WVGA Do you have somebody you really hate? Use this photo curse virtual voodoo doll to curse him into hell. Harmless but fun! This is the WVGA version
Photo Curse QVGA Do you have somebody you really hate? Use this photo curse virtual voodoo doll to curse him into hell. Harmless but fun! This is the QVGA version
Elephy engine music search Elephy searches downloadable MP3 files for you on the net, which you can download with a single handling to your device.
Tour De France 2011 Le Tour de France 2011, the biggest cycling event worldwide! this small mobile application for HTC or windows mobile devices brings you all most important data on all etapes of the Tour de France 2011. For all stages it shows the profile with heights and mountain categories, this is a multi-language mobile application: EN, D, ES, FR, NL, PT
Smooth Youtube Downloader Stop streaming your coolest youtube videos, why should you stream your favourite videos multiple times a week if you have the possibility to download them directly on your device? With Smooth Youtube Downloader for HTC you can download your favourite videos straight to your memorycard. you even have the possibility to download multiple youtube videos simultanously, or to resume downloads when the application was shut down or restarted.
Music for Bluetooth Use your HTC as a bluetooth MP3 player in your car, this piece of software works in the same way as your 'normal' carkit.
Handy Randomizer this randomizer can simulate 2 dice or even bigger numbers at once, choose your range and then roll dice 1, 2 or both at the same time.
Smooth Youtube Downloader 2 An imrpoved version has been released of the Smooth Youtube downloader for your HTC. With this Youtube downloader you can preview thumbnails of all videos and download multiple videos at once. Also a resume function to restart your pending youtube video downloads has been added to this 2nd version of this great entertainment software for your HTC
Elitserien Elitserien is a live mobile application which displays live scores of the Swedish hockey league. Always have the latest scores on all matches with this application
SonarCE SonarCE is a windows mobile / HTC sonar system, it will send out sonar pulses and listen to the created echos to create a sonar image.
Magica Band App find back all information on the Metal band Magica, song info, lyrics or band info, all gathered in this small HTC application
Smooth Youtube Downloader 2.1 Smooth Youtube Downloader 2.1 features Shows thumbnails in the search results. Ability to download multiple videos at the same time. Ability to pause/resume downloads after you exit and run the application again. A very nice UI and cool transitions between different screens of the app. Ability to expand search results. Ability to choose video format/quality including mp3. Improved QVGA screens support. Ability to switch between full screen and normal mode. Ability to copy download URL. Supports keeping the device awake while downloads are running, so the WiFi connection is not lost. Supports installing extensions to support any other video site. Supports Themes. Supports Searching/Downloading from Supports Searching/Downloading from Open YouTube videos with CorePlayer, TCPMP or any other application you specify. Ability to Shorten URLs on Copy/Open (for using with CorePlayer which doesn't support long URLs)
MP3 Taggy use this freeware HTC application to assign ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags to your MP3s