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HTC HTC Freeware

here you can download all kinds of different freeware applications which will work on your HTC phone. These applications were specially designed for HTC phones
HTC homeplug v1.0 HTC HomePlug: Today screen plug-in (Displaying Time/messaging notifications/Launcher etc.), allowing quick changes of various options, such as weather, missed calls, sms/email notifications, time/alarm changing & program launcher.
Quicklauncher Very nice looking one line today screen plugin with five customizable icon shortcuts. It's great fingerfriendly launcher for your home screen.
kaisertweak v 0.4 KaiserTweak is a little tool that tweaks some of your HTC Kaiser (P4450, TyTN II, Vario III) registry settings. Note that some tweaks may work on devices other than the Kaiser, but the default values are get from the Kaiser factory settings, so take care with other devices.
Lightcommunicator Light Communicator makes it possible to let your screen blink in a particular color or style, the car mode has different colours, party mode makes your HTC go wild and Max illumination mode makes your HTW work like a torch
HTC Zip with this freeware HTC zip tool you can easily extract and zip files
HTC Album With this cool freeware HTC Picture Management software you will be able to zoom, resize and show your fotos on the fly on your HTC phone
freeware taskmanager 2.0 it is what it says to be: a freeware taskmanager for your HTC phone, now with extra cool features, such as the possibility to manage running proceses, memory usage and some other cool HTC manager features
HTC action the HTC action touchmenu makes your HTC usage so much easier: just use your fingertips to select one of the programs to boot or assign a hardware key to them.
hardware equalizer the HTC action software makes it easy for you to open one of your most frequently used HTC programs with one finger touch. You can assign all applications to one of your hardware keys and make your HTC a lot easier to use This HTC hardware equalizer has the big advantage that it does not use any extra processor capacity when using this equalizer, so no harm done when used…
After having installed the program, do the next: After installing, manually create a link file to \Windows\Equalizer.exe OR use the one in the zip archive just copy the file to \Windows\Start Menu\Programs
Notice that this equalizer works on some but not all HTC phones
Audio Manager this freeware audio manager is the ideal replacement freeware for windows media player on your HTC phone, also the playlist manager of this easy to use HTC tool is great!
HTC Custom the HTC customizer tool can be used to customize any windows mobile 5 and 6 device on the market, customize your HTC like you want it to be. See the screenshots for more info and features. Here are some of the features which can be altered on your HTC phone:
- Thin Scroll Bars
- Short Scroll Arrows
- Live Searches Via Google
- Remove battery/comm manager from tray
- Clock Display (clock, date, nothing, both, battery)
- Enable Time Zones
- 3g video dialer
- enable dtmf support
- disable in call volume beep
- gprs/3g disconnect/timer
- connection always on
- disable sms sent notifier
- change bt name
- transfer files via bt/irda
- improve a2dp sound
- Disable menu animations
- modify glyphcache
- enable file system cache
- modify FATFS & file system filter cache
- pie card cache device/sd
- navigate pie w/ dpad
- Hermes Keypad Layout
- Show/Hide Sim contacts
- Disable Security warning
- Mount Ext Rom
- enable/disable hsdpa
- xml/provxml loader
- cab loader
X-button x-button is a HTC task manager specially created for allHTC hermes / TyTn users
Trinity hacks 0.3 the HTC Trinity hacks 0.3 can be used to improve performance and to hide or show some features
HTweakC 2.1 HTweakC 2.1 is the old Hermes tweak which makes tweaking your HTC TyTN easy, no registry editor is required for using this program, HTweakC 2.1 does it all for you…
- Enable GPS Settings
- Enable and show the Wireless plugin in Today screen
- Disable the OEM/Carrier Phone Skin
- Remove Battery and Wireless Manager from Tray Icon
- Disable SMS Sent Notification
- Show Cap/Shift State
- Enable and Mount Extended ROM
- Improve Bluetooth Stereo A2DP Sound Quality
- Enable/Disable HSDPA
ExtROM Utility the ExtROM Utility is a universal HTC utility which can be used to make your extended ROM memory visible
Audio Manager tool this audio manager does not only contain a great playlist editor, no its actually a free replacement for your Windows Mobile Media Player…
Pocket Hosts This program will allow you to edit static host name/IP address mappings.
Ilium Screen Capture Software Ilium Screen Capture Software is a windows mobile freeware software package which allows you to take screenshots of your HTC or other WM device at any moment. The software works as followed:
  • Start the program on your device
  • Use the Options menu to define the App key you want to press to take your screenshots
  • Leave the program open - do not hit the Exit button yet
  • Take your screenshots! (If you have sound on, you will hear a camera "click" noise when the screen is captured)
  • To stop the program, open it again and hit the Exit button
  • Find your screen captures in your My Documents folder on your device
  • Password Master version 1.0 Password Master version 1.0 is HTC Freeware software which allows you to keep all of your passwords such as credit card passwords or SIM card PINs at one location with one simple password.
    Office Workstation Poor workstation adjustment leads to uncomfortable postures, muscle fatigue and in some cases musculoskeletal injuries involving muscles, tendons and joints, well this software helps you to keep all your correct positions at one location to avoid injuries or problems on the long term
    Snap2Face Snap2Face is a facebook client for windows mobile devices such as your HTC phone, do anything you are able to do on facebook from now on straight through your HTC
    GWordBook GwordBook is a simple to use freeware lookup-table for US-ZIP-codes
    ezyUnzip 2.0 ezyUnzip is an easy to use and complete freeware unzip tool for HTC or other Windows Mobile Devices
    Cleaning QA Cleaning QA is Windows Mobile HTC freeware software which allows you to track the cleaning of your house or office
    Cleaning QA features:
    • Assessment of Access, Floors, Walls, Doors and Stairs, Windows and Furniture, Kitchen and Lunch Room, Toilets, and QA Requirements. 
    • Scores and calculates percent score based on relevant areas.
    • Record of Action required.
    • Capture results in Excel, HTML, Access, SQL Server and other databases.
    • Simple instructions to modify to your requirements.
    Calendar For PokeP Calendar For PokeP is a Today plugin which displays a calendar
    ShopQwik 2 Mobile Book flights, hotels or cars on the fly, this Windows Mobile freeware software from ShopQwik specifically designed for mobile smartphone's and web enabled PDA's. Offering all the features of the ShopQwik website in an easy to use handy application that can be used anywhere and any time which means you will never have to wait until you can get to a PC or a travel agent and possibly miss out on one of our fantastic deals.
    Alltel Axcess Shop for HTC Touch Alltel Axcess Shop offers best-in-class software downloads plus free and unlimited access to top content from USA Today, The Weather Channel, MarketWatch and more!
    Gwordbook English Spanish GwordBook English - Spanish is a free English-Spanish dictionary
    Jaybots Catchy Cadence this HTC game is a Rythm-Music-Action Game with over 12 separate games and songs to play along to! It''s simple, extremely FUN, and maybe best of all, this game is complete freeware!
    MyReligion MyReligion is a HTC freeware software tool which allows you to import all important religion related holidays into your outlook calendar, so don't worry about forgetting your religious holidays or those of somebody elses religion ever again…
    HTC disco strobe Disco Strobe for HTC is a ridiculous but fun freeware software application for your HTC or other windows mobile device, it simulates a disco stroboscope with different flashing colors… great useless fun!
    Automatic Backup Mobile Phone Automatic Backup Mobile Phone is a HTC software application which allows you to create automated backups of your most important data such as calendar events, contacts, pictures and videos online
    Acquisition Client ExpeData Mobile for Windows Mobile
    Service Report 1.5

    Mobilise your service team with Service Report. Use Service Report for your own parts catalogue and report forms. Amend the Service Report template project to your specific requirements in Pocket PC Creations, also available at Handango - see All Products by CreativityCorp, above.

    Service Report features:
    • Wireless dispatch of field Service jobs, print Reports from Pocket PC and return Reports to database server.
    • Presentation of up to a thousand Parts organised and filtered by Categories.
    • Calculation of Service Cost Totals based on call out, labour and parts.
    • Wirelessly assign Service jobs via Pocket PC Mobile Phones or via the Internet. Powerful wireless client and server system with log of all transactions.
    • Print reports and invoices from Pocket PC and store Service Reports in Excel, HTML, XML, Access, SQL Server, Oracle, SAP and other databases.
    • Simple instructions to load Parts and prices and Print reports in 'Read Me' file in download Zip.
    My Transactions My Transactions is HTC freeware software which allows you to record your Withdrawal and Deposit Transactions. Requires .NET compact framework to be installed on your HTC or windows mobile phone
    InClose XE InClose XE is a simple freeware taskmanager which allows you to really close everything on your HTC or windows mobile 5 device
    Speereo Voice Mailer Speereo is the ideal sollution for managing your different email accounts, send, delete and sort your letters on your HTC or other windows mobile device with simple voice commands. Speereo HTC software is what you need!
    Sinbad Search Sinbad search is a mobile freeware search application which delivers only the data you need, no fancy graphics or videos, sinbad search reduces your cost of wireless data consumed. So sinbad is THE wireless search application for your mobile device…
    T-day counter software This T-Day counter counts down to a preconfigured date and time on your windows mobile or HTC device
    Gigaslot freeware jackpot GigaSlot Mobile Casino is a five payline, three-wheel slot machine game offering different bonuses and a progressive jackpot.
    WkTASK freeware software WkTASK is a freeware task manager for your HTC or windows mobile device
    Think Transform your Today screen, add some fun, information and visual appeal, and still keep all existing functionality!
    Screen rotator this HTC freeware software allows you to turn the screen in all 4 directions
    FreeOTFE4PDA FreeOTFE4PDA is an " On The Fly Encryption program 4 your HTC which creates " virtual memory cards " encrypted



    • Source code freely available
    • Easy to use; full wizard included for creating new volumes
    • Powerful: Supports numerous hash/encryption algorithms, and provides a greater level of flexibility than a number of other (including commercial!) OTFE systems
    • Hash algorithms include: MD5, SHA-512, RIPEMD-160, Tiger and many more
    • Cyphers include AES (256 bit), Twofish (256 bit), Blowfish (448 bit), Serpent (256 bit) and many more
    • "Hidden" volumes may be concealed within other FreeOTFE volumes, providing "plausible deniability"
    • Encrypted volumes have no "signature" to allow them to be identified as such
    • Modular design allowing 3rd party drivers to be created, incorporating new hash/cypher algorithms
    • Supports password salting (up to 512 bits), reducing the risks presented by dictionary attacks.
    • Keyfile support included; store volumes and their associated metadata separately.
    • Uses per-sector IVs, including support for ESSIV
    • Volume file timestamps and attributes are reset after dismounting, increasing "plausible deniability"
    Touch Shell Free touch shell gives your HTC or windows mobile device a complete new interface look.

    • 3D visual effects
    • Skins support
    • Big clock and date
    • Missed calls
    • Unread messages
    • Alarms
    • Next appointment
    • Separate page for plug-ins
    • Weather forecast with animation effects (demo)
    Pilot Pocket Checklist Create, edit and use checklists for all your preflight and flying tasks with Pilot Pocket Checklist for windows mobile - HTC devices. This software can be used single hand for in rough cockpit conditions.
    Weather SG Get detailed weather forecasts for Singapore with weather SG. Forecast include 3 hours, 12 hours, 3 days forecast, current PSI info, tidal info, humidity, weather Radar, Rain Areas and Wind Profile. Forecast displayed on the map accordingly to different locations.
    Quickshutdown completely shut down, or just turn off your HTCs screen with this mobile quickshutdown freeware tool
    DringMoi do you often have troubles finding your phone back in your own house? And do you often turn your HTC to silent? Then DringMoi is the freeware HTC software application for you, when you call your DringMoi from a pre-configured number, it will activate the sound on your phone again, and will keep ringing a number of times, even after the line was closed. So you don't need to keep calling yourself until you found your phone back
    hobdrive Hobdrive uses your cars OBD-II link (USB or bluetooth) to catch crucial MPG or other statistics
    SmartEndKey the SmartEndKey tool for HTCs give you one simple application to enable or disable radio, bluetooth or wifi, a simple shortcut to reboot, lock or shutdown your smartphone, and a custom taskbar which will give your device a windows 7 look!