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HTC Photo Picture software

this HTC freeware software category contains multiple software tools which can help you in managing or editing pictures or photos on your mobile HTC device
HTC Album tool this tool for your Windows Mobile enabled device such as a HTC phone allows you to resize or rotate all your pictures instantly
Resco resco photoviewer is Photo management software for HTC or windows mobile devices.


- G-sensor support
- Touch friendlyness
- Direct access to the camera
- Upload to Facebook, Flickr
- The folder shows the preview of the pictures inside it
- 100% zoom in and out using double clicking (zoom the double clicked area)
- Thumbnail and list view and multiselection operations

ShortCad Use embedded lue scripting and create your own drafts and scripting with ShortCad, the next level to mobile CAD design
Noniview Noniview is an image viewer for HTC pocket PC which does not only allow you to file pictures easily, but also to crop them in order to be able to submit them through MMS, an ideal mobile picture tool!
VSPainter LE VSPainter is the paint or picture edit freeware application for HTC or windows mobile where you have been waiting for, VSPainter LE has about all cool features which you can find back in for example photoshop: flip pictures, use advanced brush techniques or make use of the multi page workspace. VSPainter LE can do all of this and much much more!
imgur mobile picture uploader with this uploading tool for your pictures you can share all your images within a few clicks on the picture management site
Paint Now Mobile Paint Now Mobile is a mobile freeware photoshop alike software package. With Paint Now Mobile you can perform some basic photo and picture editing actions on your HTC phone
ShortCad Lite You may ask why is ShortCAD. Here is an answer! ShortCAD is a pun on shortcut that means shorter route or smaller effort. Also it has a specific meaning: a file that contains only the location of another file in the computer. Gathering all meanings together will give you the answer: ShortCAD is a way to CAD and save hints and tips to your ideas with smallest effort while you are away from your workspace.
Leocamera anykey use your HTC device's external volume keys to create a picture or zoom in or out with the Leocamera anykey application