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HTC HTC Browser

this freeware HTC software category only contains the best free internet browsers for HTC phones or other Windows Mobile devices
Skyfire mobile browser Skyfire is a windows mobile internet browser which is compatible with HTC smartphones and which allows you also to surf the internet on devices without a touchscreen! Experience the internetfun which could previously only be reached on a desktop, this is skyfire!
iris browser Iris is a mobile browser for HTC or Windows Mobile devices. This free software was based on the WebKit rendering engine. This mobile webbrowser tries to load your internet pages in the most optimal way and gives you great zooming or text layout capacity
Opera Mobile Browser this Mobile Browser for your HTC or other windows mobile devices is based on the popular freeware opera browser
UCWeb 6.3 UCWeb mobile webbrowser is a must have browser which includes 6 important functions which every mobile browser should need:


- Browsing function
- Navigation function
- Search function
- Email service
- Download function
- Personal data managemet
- RSS subscription function
- Shortcut key application

Web Viewer 1.1 This Web Viewer is one of the first freeware mobile web browsers which adds tabs to your browser. Did you ever miss your firefox or latest internet explorer for desktop tabs to open your new links on your HTC? Well then Web Viewer 1.1 is the browser for you!
Maximus Web Browser the Maximus Web Browser for your HTC or other windows mobile device is a similar to Internet Explorer looking mobile webbrowser which gives you basic functionality. use this mobile web browser in case you do not require to surf the internet a lot on your device. Notice that your history or favourites are saved in txt format.
UC browser 7 this is already the 7th release of this pretty good looking browser for your HTC or other windows mobile devices. Some, but not all of this mobile browsers features are: multi windows, download manager, shortcuts, site navigation, online media, search engine access and so on. you can even use the UC Mobile HTC browser to blog, send emails and do many more online things. and all of this goes with a minimal network traffic and minimal loss of quality!
RapidRead RapidRead is an optional forum reader application for your HTC, RapidRead is optimized so it will download forums faster and give you a faster mobile access to your most favourite forums.
WTEC browser large buttons and an easy GUI make this WTEC web browser an ideal mobile browser for your HTC!
ilisUS ilis US is a listing tool for Amazon, change the display order, or list per category with this search and management tool
Auto Refresh Browser Auto Refresh browser is the ideal browser for everybody who wants to access websites which they need to refresh frequently because they don't do it automatically, such as online mailboxes or auctions. With the Auto Refresh Browser you can make the page refresh itself automatically at a preset time interval. The ideal auto browser for your HTC!
Zetakey Webkit Browser Zetakey Webkit Browser is a free mobile webbrowser which offers a Webkit-based browser solution to device OEMs who require a high-performance browser for Windows CE 5.0/6.0, Windows Mobile, BMP/BREW and Embedded Linux. this browser also supports the latest opensource projects such as openSSL, webkit, etc.
Opera Mini 5 Opera Mini is currently one of the best free mobile browsers out there, since you actually surf through the opera proxy, websites are compressed up to 90 percent before being delivered to your HTC. In this way, browsing the web is not only faster, but it also helps you saving large datatransfer costs