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HTC Windows Mobile Calculators

Here you can download all kinds of calculators which are compatible with the Windows Mobile OS
Currency Converter This Currency convertor works not only on your HTC but also on all other windows mobile devices, it is able to convert currencies from one currency to another. Theres also a possibility to do an OTA download of the latest currencies.
MSS Converter 1.04 MSS Converter is a currency converter which is able to convert distances, weights, currencies,… and an endless list of more conversions. All currencies are updated automatically when you perform an hotsync
Emprunt calculate your loan intrest on your HTC or other windows mobile device, notice that this program is in French and that you need to upload it manually to a datacard and boot it from there, so theres no separate installation on your HTC or other windows mobile device required…
Free42 Free42 is a reimplementation of the original HP-42S calculator, this calculator was created from scratch so doesnt have much further connections with the HP-42S calculator
Yarpn Yarpn is a RPN calculator. to install Yarpn on your HTC / Windows Mobile device: copy the .cab file to your Pocket PC using ActiveSync, then, in your Pocket PC's file explorer, double tap the .cab file to start the installation.
What features does it have?
- BIG buttons
- simple to use
- RPN input method. Two line visible stack
basic arithmetic operations
- different display modes (Auto, Fixed, Scientific, Engineering) with possibility to choose number of decimal places
- different bases (Dec, Hex, Oct, Bin) with possibility to choose between 8, 16 and 32 bit 'word size'
- Deg and Rad angle modes
the usual stack operations (drop, swap, clear) including undo
- arithmetic functions
- logic functions
- statistics functions
- combinatorics functions
- conversion mode, including user conversions
- constants library, including user constants
- short and long display modes in constant library with possibility to show value
- quick constant and quick conversion function
- colour coding
- stores last settings
- optionally stores the stack
- regional settings aware (decimal point symbol and thousands separator)
CalcM2 CalcM2 is a freeware Windows Mobile calculator which can also be used as a currency converter
Calilei calculator this calilei calculator for HTC and other windows mobile devices works like you windows calculator, it has a switch to choose between standard and scientific calculations
Lightning distance calculator This calculator might save your life one day, know when you need to run and hide with this free lightning calculator for your HTC or other Windows Mobile device
Fizz Bill Now This Tip calculator for your windows mobile enabled phone such as a HTC does the calculating for you, just enter which percentage of the total price the tip might be, and the Fizz Bill Now calculator does the work for you, it can even split the tip if you want to split it amongst the number of people who want to pay
Tipster this tip calculator which can be installed on your HTC / Windows Mobile device is a freeware tip calculator which should make the calculation of a certain percentage tip possible
Bill Buddy Bill Buddy is your best friend when it commes to tracking your bills and your expenses. With Bill buddy you will have a complete overview over all your expenses immediately on your windows mobile enabled device…
Archimedes Medical Calculator Archimedes is a must have for every medical professional! An innovative specialty calculator, Archimedes is unlike any other program currently available. Forget having to remember complicated formulas, just enter the values and out come the results. An indispensible, at-your-fingertips resource!


  • Runs on all Palm OS and Windows CE/Pocket PC devices
  • More than 70 most commonly used formulas in medical specialties
  • Easy access to formulas
  • Powerful built-in calculator for preprocessing inputs
  • Detailed help for each formula
  • Remembers values you last entered
  • Automatic evaluation of the formula, once all input fields are filled in
  • Quick access to other ART™ss applications
Loan Calculator This simple Loan Calculator for windows mobile phones is actually just a simple excel template which can be opened on almost any HTC or windows mobile enabled device. and which contains: 1.Scheduled Payment 2. No of Payments 3. Act. No of Payments 4. Total Early Payments 5. Total Interest 6. Amortization Table 7. Expense Breakdown 8. Household income
Math Tools A freeware math tool written in Basic4PPC. instantly calculates perimeters, areas, volume and ABC-formulas for you! this freeware software works on both HTC and windows mobile
Spacetime Spacetime is one of the most powerful calculators for windows mobile HTC phones, it can do difficult calculations and visualize them
Calcnow Calcnow is a mobile RPN calculator for your HTC which includes 3 different modules, a Scientific module, a Quadratic Solver and a Unit Converter. the full C++ source of this program is included so you can create your own modules if you want…
Resolution calculator calculate the pixels required to print an image with the desired quality and size with Resolution calculator for windows mobile or HTC phones
SciLors fuel blaster SciLors fuel blaster calculates about every possible stat about your fuel consumption such as consumption, distances and paid prices for fuel! The ultimate tool for who wants to keep track about real fuel costs!
Pocket Amortization 2.5 Quickly calculate a car loan or mortgage with this easy to use freeware pocket amortization software for HTC or windows mobile devices
Pocket Tank Volume Pocket tank volume is a nifty freeware calculator which calculates the volume of a defined Spherical, Rectangular, Vertical Flat, Vertical Cylindrical, Horizontal Flat, and Horizontal Cylindrical tank.
MSS Converter MSS Converter is a "whole in one" converter for HTC or Windows mobile, this software can convert currencies, lengths, areas, volumes, masses, speeds, temperatures, pressures, times, angles, energies and powers. Notice that the currencies converter can even update itself automatically online.
DWRuler HTC ruler DWRuler converts your HTC into an onscreen ruler, so you will always have a mini ruler with you
Mtoolbox Mtoolbox is your mobile on the road swiss knife, have your MacGyver tools always with you with this mobile ruler, water level, light sensor, shock sensor and angle meter
SHP Loan Calc Just type in the loan amount, term in months, and the interest rate, and your monthly payment will be calculated. Click Amortization to see the full amortization of the loan over the full term. If you’d like to add a little bit of extra bread to those monthly payments, input it into the Curtailment box and see how fast you can pay it off.
MedicalCalculator calculate various medical equations and scores with MedicalCalculator
Smart Algebra draw graphs of any complexity in the polar and Cartesian coordinate systems. construct up to 9 plots at a time, zoom in to a certain location on the plot, with support for graphing in polar coordinates and the next supported functions: sin, cos, tg, log, ln, lg, sh, ch, th, exp, acos, asin, atg, int, frac, abs. As you can see, Smart Algebra has most interesting plotter functions available
Logcalc Lite Logcalc lite logs all calculations you did before, so you will always be able to check or double check one of the previous steps in your calculations
mConver mConvert converts length, power, temperature, velocity or area units for you
Curs Valuar Calculate the current value of different currencies based on the official rates by the National Bank of Romania
Finesse HTC calculator a simple calculator for your HTC or windows mobile device
Sound Delay Calculator Calculate sound for your surround speakers, calculate the delay you need to set for each speaker in miliseconds, just enter the distance between your seat and the speakers and sound delay calculator will do the rest.
DMX Calculator get the DIP switch settings for a certain DMX value with this simple DMX calculator freeware software for HTC
Shift Income calculator Shift income calculates your earnings, or calculates how long you will have to work before you reach a certain amount of incommings
GMAH calculator With the GMaH calculator you can easily calculate how much you will need to pay for home water, gas and power supply. just enter the price per kwh, the previous meterstand and the current, the application will then calculate how much you have to pay. entered values are stored for later use.
HTC Currency Converter This HTC Currency Converter now makes use of the HTC Sense Interface Style, with rates straight from the Yahoo finance site you are always close to the current currency rates
GB Gas Heat Calculator time the gas meter for heat input or gas rate calculations with GB Gas Heat Calculator for your HTC
Potential Energy in Joules Since no one has answers to absolute form of energy, science has defined as few Potential energies. My app is calculator for Potential Energies of following types - Gravitational, Kinetic, Rest Mass, Elastic, Internal electro-Chemical, Thermal, Electrical and Electromagnetic. All computations are via formulas. All formulas are listed in app. My app takes input of zipcode or country to calculate altitude and also weight, temperature, velocity, etc. Give proper inputs and get results.
Kalculator Kalculator is a simple scientific freeware calculator for your HTC
House Rent Costs use your HTC or windows mobile device to calculate the costs of renting a house