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HTC Windows Mobile Clock

if you want to know what time it is and you don't have a watch with you you can throw a quick look at your HTC or other windows mobile device to see the time
WMStopwatch WM stopwatch is an easy to use stopwatch with different other functions such as a countdown timer for your HTC phone or other windows mobile devices. Upload the cab file to your HTC and start installing it
BinaryClock this Binary Clock for your HTC or windows mobile device is a true Geek gadget, learn your binary tables well before you start using this clock….
Speech Timer Keeper Timekeeper is a multi-platform debate timer for various speech and debate events. It has speech order and time limits preprogrammed for Policy, Lincoln-Douglas, Parliamentary, Public Forum, World Schools, Karl Popper, and miscellaneous debate formats as well as individual events. This timer can both warn you with sound or visual information when a certain time slot has passed.
Meditation Timer Meditation Timer uses an optical signal, a bell or a wood block to control the duration of your meditation. It includes a progress bar, auto-dimmer, medition logbook (MS Excel compatible csv-file) and several texts for inspiration and rezitation.
Timezone This program is for travelers and all the other persons who need to co-ordinate their time in the current location city and the other – target – city. Being a plug-in to Calendar program, Time Zone changes appointment start time so that in current city it corresponds to the time of appointment in its "target" city, which will be selected by user. This correction provides correct displaying of appointment start time after setting of "target" city as current one in Clock program ("Start/Settings/System/Clock/Time"). Time Zone adds also supplementary text to Location property of the appointment. This gives a user possibility to see "target" city for the appointment and it's time in this city. TimeZone works under Pocket PC 2002 and Windows Mobile 2003
Synchro Time if you always wanted the possibility to synchronize your HTC phone or other windows mobile device just like you do with your windows PC, well heres the solution for you: Synchro time synchronizes your HTC or other WM device using the NTP service. Just one reminder: the Synchro Time only contains a couple of NTP servers in the states, so no synchronization in europe is available unfortunately
SP Timesync this time synchronizer does not only work with your HTC phone or Windows mobile device, it can also be used on your desktop computer on a wide range of Operating Systems. The advantage compared to Synchro Time is the possibility to enter your own NTP server name
ZEDcalendar ZEDCalendar is a windows mobile 5 or WM6 compatible HTC calendar, not just a normal calendar but a calendar full of beatifull girls…
Popclock Popclock is a screensaver clock for your HTC or windows mobile device, when you leave your HTC untouched for a few minutes, popclock will pop-up
Pocket Timer Pocket timer counts down from a predefined time, it can also continue counting after you ran out of time
LED Watch Convert your HTC into a cool LED watch, make watching the current time fun with this LED watch
Touch Alarm Touch Alarm makes it a lot easier to manipulate your HTCs alarm clock, just move the clock slider to the correct position and you're set to wake up
Flash Pimp Clock This clock needs Flash 7 on your device in order to work properly, this flashy clock displays hours in the left column and minutes in the right 5 columns
Ticking Timer 2 Ticking Timer 2 is a new and improved stopwatch for your HTC
Talking Clock a Talking clock compatible with HTC or other windows mobile devices. This freeware software can be configured to give you the time after 5 min, 10 min, 15 min, 30 min, or 60 min intervals. To stop the application, just enter the software and press the stop button.
Alarm Pocket in Alarm pocket for HTC or windows mobile you can define settings for selecting the six included sounds or your own
Persian date and Time 2 Persian date and time for HTC converts the date and time to the Gregorian, Persian or Hijri calendar and puts its time on the Today screen
Countdown timer A simple countdown timer with alarm for your HTC, select the number of minutes to countdown to, and then arm your clock!