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the coolest freeware games designed for your HTC or other Windows Mobile devices can be downloaded here
Pocket Quake Pocket Quake is the HTC/Windows Mobile version of one of the first first person shooters ever, QUAKE, enjoy shooting monsters and other dirt in this fabulous game for Windows Mobile. Notice that the ZIP archive will contain a file called this is the demo level which should be loaded into the console before you will be able to play. More information can be found inside the ZIP archive
Doom This Windows Mobile version of Doom might remember you of the days where you had motion sickness of playing hours and hours this famous first person shooter on one of those horible 60hz screens. Dont forget to use your cheat codes such as IDDQD for GOD mode and IDKFA for unlimited weapons :)
TildeTech Hangman 7.1 This times guessing game for Windows Mobile and PC contains over 210.000 words!
Block Puzzle this is a remake of the classic puzzle of Sokoban
Mine Sweeper Mine Sweeper for windows mobile devices, try to avoid the mines, but clear out the field as soon as possible. Such a simple but yet addicting game! And best of all…. Its freeware!
Be The Last Be The Last is a freeware game where you win whenever you get to explode the last bomb. Easy but addicting game for your HTC or Windows Mobile enabled phone
Magic Bubble with this cool and simple game for HTC or windows mobile phones you need to align as much bubbles containing the same colour as possible to perform an high score. This game can be uploaded straight to your HTC phone or windows mobile phone and extracted/installed there.
Backgammon Lite addicted to Backgammon? Well you have this simple boardgame always in your pocket now, just install it on your HTC device or other Windows Mobile enabled device and start playing!
1001 crossword puzzles never be bored again when you have your HTC in the neighbourhood and you have one of these 1001 crossword puzzles designed by famous companies and newspapers such as L.A. Times, W.Post, H.Chronicle, USA TODAY,, uclick Puzzles Society and more installed.
CheckersPlay4 This Windows mobile and HTC Game is a checkers variant for 4 players. Double the concentration will be required for this game!
scatto the objective of this windows mobile game scatto is to knock the opponent`s pieces off the board while keeping at least one of your own pieces on the board.

Five difficulty levels.
Two game modes.
Master class.
Three game themes.
Think in lines 2008 Think in lines is a new brain trainer game for HTC or windows mobile phones
A Miko Tale A Miko Tale Marionette is a multi part episode series as you play as Reiko Tenshin a miko who is trying to survive against several human hunting demons who has Reiko in their sights. Prologue starts off as Reiko trains in a dangerous live threatening battle simulator which can create several dozen demons at will. Will Reiko survive the battle or will this training be her last. This prologue chapter is available as freeware windows mobile HTC game
Todlich Gun game Todlich Gun is German for deadly gun, during 10 addictive levels (2 episodes, 5 levels for each episode) you will find massive loads of crazy weapons and enemies, this game is a platform game for Windows Mobile HTC phones requiring Windows Mobile 2003 or newer, .NET Compact Framework 2.0 or newer.
Jaybots Catchy Cadence HTC this HTC game is a Rythm-Music-Action Game with over 12 separate games and songs to play along to! It''s simple, extremely FUN, and maybe best of all, this game is complete freeware!
Gigaslot jackpot GigaSlot Mobile Casino is a five payline, three-wheel slot machine game offering different bonuses and a progressive jackpot.
Moonlander freeware Moonlander is a pretty easy freeware game for HTC or windows mobile devices, the only thing you need to do is land your moonlander on one of the different moons through different levels…
Draw Poker freeware game Draw Poker for windows mobile features large, tap-to-select cards and a simple interface. Players can change payout schedules and view payout statistics for any particular session. Lanscape, portrait or square screen aware. For entertainment only.
Jacks or Bether Jacks or beather is a classic video poker game played online on your HTC or other windows mobile device.
Moonlander in Moonlander you have to try to land your moonlander on 30 different planets, but don't forget to collect fuel and engines if you don't want to crash on your HTC surface... moonlander is a cool but simple windows mobile software game
ZedPuzzle Cars 3x3 and 4x4 block slide puzzles are the target of this windows mobile game
Pocket Simon a classic game: simon says for HTC and other windows mobile devices
The Next Element II in this logical puzzle game for HTC you will need to destroy all the fields on the screen in order to win the game. Difficulty in this game will rise with each of the 80 levels. lots of fun guaranteed
Lego Memory The classic memory game adapted so you will need to find matching Lego Heads
Rockstar Ate My iPod a new view on strategy games, in this HTC game you will need to manage your rockband to get to the top
Mario Gun 2 The life of Super Mario Bros made easy: this time mario has a gun in Mario Gun 2 for windows mobile / HTC
Caver in this Accelerometer HTC game you control a small bat flying through different caves, don't hit any objects to survive! The game includes an online highscore list
CP4Mobile CheckersPlay4 is surprising game. Thanks to participation of four players its result is difficult for predict. The leader can lose if other players can act in common against him. In short, all as in life. First, turn attention to the unusual board form. Unlike a board by size of 64 squares the board for CheckersPlay4 game has sizes of 121 squares. In each corner of board are disposed dark squares. Second, the checkers move along light squares. Thirdly, you can play in CheckersPlay4 by the American rules. Finally, each player can highlight and copy his move in the notation window, and then send the move copy to other players by habitual way for itself, example, ICQ, or to name the move by phone, using services Microsoft (R) MSN Messenger (R), Yahoo (R) Messenger (R), or Skype (R). Other players should repeat this move on their PC, Tablet PC, PDA, PDA Phone, PPC, PPC Phone, Communicator, Cellphone, or Smartphone.

System requirements
- 64MB of RAM
- 240x320 (Portret)
Halma Sharp Halma Sharp is a simple to understand, yet difficult game to play, just try to move your opponents pieces into the corner to win the game
Blocks Puzzle Blocks Puzzle, the remake of the classic puzzle of Sokoban.
Probably you now ask yourself what Sokoban is? Sokoban is a puzzle game requiring logical thinking and puzzle-solving. The objective is to push all boxes into the forseen spaces in the fewest possible actions
Rolling Cubes Rolling Cubes is a rubics cube like game with some solitaire influences. Be careful, dont get stressed when you couldn't solve the puzzle yet after several hours….
Dolch Sight Words This program will help you teach your child the Dolch Sight Words. After they read the word correctly simply press the "OK" button to move to the next word. If they are not able to say the word then pressing the "Again" button will have that word listed again after completing the entire list. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: The Dolch Word List is a list of frequently used words compiled by Edward William Dolch, PhD. The list was originally published in his book "Problems in Reading", The Garrard Press, 1948. Dolch compiled the list based on children''''s books of his era. The list contains 220 "service words" that have to be easily recognized in order to achieve reading fluency. The compilation excludes nouns, which comprise a separate 95-word list. Many of the 220 Dolch words can''t be sounded out and have to be learned by sight. Hence the alternative term Sight Words. Although the list is divided into grades, for native English speakers, all the words in the Dolch should be mastered by the end of 1st grade.
Mu Torere Mu Torere is a mobile strategic game where you need to prevent your opponent from moving
NS Pairs in this free game for HTC you will need to find the pairs, also bether known as "memorize"
Cake multiplayer poker Cake Texas hold'em poker is not just a regular poker game, no this Windows Mobile - HTC freeware game is a true multiplayer poker game! Play online against friends or against whoever is online in this exiting new form of mobile online gaming!
Sudoku the mobile version of this popular puzzle game: sudoku
Pocketman 1 Pocketman is the windows mobile HTC version of the popular classic: pacman
Pocket Humanity Pocket Humanity is a free Civilzation turn based game for HTC or other windows mobile devices
All mobile mines don't tell us you never played mines on your PC? This is the mobile version, sweep the minefield without touching one. This version is optimized for the use of your stylus
Collapse Chaos in Collapse Chaos, you will need to touch several similar colors in order to get to the next round, this game is similar to Tetris
Yarboo 8.5 Yarboo is a Windows mobile or HTC clone of the popular Yathzee dices game. New in version 8.5 is the highscore table!
Touchbreak Touchbreak is a free mobile HTC game based on the popular arkanoid brick breaker game. Featuring different levels, difficulties and a highscore list. Hours of fun guaranteed!
Draw this freeware game for HTC or other mobile devices is simple but addicting, draw a line and the ball will follow your traject, try to score as much points as possible!
Soccer Touch game in this soccer game for HTC or windows mobile devices you need to tip the ball as much as possible without letting it touch the ground.
Lights Out HTC game in this freeware game for HTC or other windows mobile devices you will need to light up or knock out all lights on the 5x5 grid in order to win the game
Fruity Fruity is a slots looking game for Windows Mobile HTC devices in which you need to swap pieces of fruit in order to have 3 similar pieces in a row. When you swap 2 wrong pieces you will loose 2 moves
Touchtris Touchtris is a free touchscreen edition of the well known tetris game.
Sink My Ships Sink My Ships is a 2 player Battleship game which can be played by 2 players on 1 device. Try to sink your opponents ships before he sinks yours
Bass Guitar Hero the Mobile Bass version of the popular console game: guitar hero. We will rock your HTC with this application!
Towers of Glennoi the famous well known Towers of Glennoi game, try to move all blocks to the other side, you can only stapple smaller blocks on bigger blocks
PocketZax PocketZax is an interpreter for Z-Machine Interactive Fiction titles. with PocketZax you can have days and days of gaming fun. all roleplaygamers will love this game!
ArithmeTick HTC math game ArithmeTick is a mathematics game for HTC or windows mobile devices in which you need to solve as many addition, subtration, multiplication, and division problems as possible before time runs out. The ideal game to let your children learn and play at the same time!
Numpty Physics in Numpty Physics for HTC or windows mobile you will need to use and create several objects to push the red ball towards the yellow star
Spin the arrow 2 Spin the arrow is a variant on the popular spin the bottle game, released for windows mobile and HTC devices. drag the screen and push the enter button to start spinning!
Farkle Farkle is a windows mobile game for 6 players in which you need to roll a certain dice combo to continue your turn
TripYzee TripYzee is a freeware HTC game which contains both the single and triple yathzee game
Sokosave Sokosave is a mobile Game for both windows mobile / HTC devices which is a userfriendly remake of the Sokoban puzzle game and which supports unlimited redo/undo actions.
Lineapolis in this freeware HTC game you must try to draw as much lines as possible
Buttons Buttons is a simple bejeweled based freeware game for your HTC or other windows mobile device
Tic Tac Toe SMS Play Tic Tac Toe over SMS
Pocket Slider 2 simple Pocket Slider game puzzles for HTC or windows mobile devices.
Igrecway RushHour move the cars out of the way so you can drive the red car through the traffic
Experiment 13 use the accelerometer to guide Roy Tate back home in this exiting game which uses magnificent mobile graphics
10 Betting Games 10 different betting based games for your HTC let you kill the dead moments at the airport or during other boring moments
Pocket Uno Pocket uno gives you all the fun of a game of uno straight on your HTC or other windows mobile device
Gapple Gapple was a game designed for the HTC Touch Pro and HTC Diamond in which you need to use the G sensor to move the blue ball so it touches the positive bubbles
DreamCatcher Lite in this HTC Game you need to lasso stars of similar shape or colour, or combine them in an almost infinite variety of patterns to get the ultimate DreamCatcher score
Planet Protector protect your planet from incomming kamikaze space ships, use health or weapon pickups. Once your planets healthbar reaches zero: game over!
Bananas Lead the monkey so it can collect its 5 totemov forces. You will go completely bananas with this game installed on your HTC or windows mobile device
Autumn Dynasty Lite in Autumn Dynasty you control your armies with a pen, just make simple paint-brush strokes to direct your armies to the victory! An epic strategy game for your HTC, dragons and chinese ink will lead you to victory!
Shoot em up v2 a free fast action shooter game for windows mobile devices. Notice that this is still a beta version of the game and sometimes unexpected errors might pop-up
Vexed Vexed is a Windows mobile or HTC port of the famous Puzznic game
Unjumble an 8 letter word is broken into separate letters, with these letters you need to form as much existing words as possible. Unjumbled for Pocket PC or HTC
HappyPuzzle HappyPuzzle is a crossword gamestyle puzzlegame for your HTC or windows mobile device
BrakingHead MirrorLight use mirrors to hit your targets with the lights available in the playfield.
Orin Square Lite Orin Square is a Sudoku like puzzle game for HTC phones. Only, the rules are different to a "Real" Sudoku puzzle: Two same numbers or letters can not be in one row (eg. A1, A2, C3), * Two same numbers or letters can not be in one collumn, * There can not be two or more same pairs of letters and numbers (eg. B5 and B5)
PushPush PushPush is a simple but addicting puzzle game for your HTC, the target is to push the black marbles on top of the houses. Simple but addictive
Keener Tic Tac Toe as simple as a game can be, Tic Tac Toe with funny graphics for HTC or any other mobile device
Metal Slug Survivor Turbo Metal Slug, the well known arcarde hall classic, now you will need to survive a dangerous hot volcanic island
Memory HTC game find the 2 matching pairs in this classic memory game for HTC
Sheep vs Wolf a tic tac toe like game for windows mobile devices, sheep vs wolf
Braking Head Brainstorm try to bring all balls to the same colors, when clicking a ball it will change color, but caution, not only the clicked ball will change color, but also all balls around the selected ball. Yes indeed this HTC game is a true brainbreaker
Pocket PC Lightsaber try to defeat your buddies with your lightsaber, unlike the iphone version you will not be required to have an accelerometer in your device for this freeware HTC version.
Braking Head 2 a free puzzle game for the HTC or any other windows mobile device, braking 2 contains 30 new levels, contains a new hint function and has the possibility to load your own images
Whoppert shootin gallery Lite shoot the targets on your screen as fast and as accurate as possible to gain your position in the top shooting range gallery. use your HTCs touchscreen function to hit the targets with a single finger tap
PhaserX battle various odd characters in this PhaserX windows mobile arcade shooter game
TecnoBallz Everybody loves brickbreaker! This is a windows mobile port for one of its variants, TecnoBallz. Playing games on your HTC was never so much fun
Next Element Deluxe Next Element is a puzzle game for your mobile device, your goal is to destroy all onscreen bricks, a great user interface, cool music and high quality graphics will make you go wild about this puzzle game
Smartfall Smartfall is a tetris clone for windows mobile devices
Fruitsday HTC game Fruitsday game for HTC and windows mobile devices
Double Skill This pretty easy looking game for your HTC turned out to be a real brain killer, control at the same time the bottom banner and top raquette to keep both balls inside the screen
Hashira HTC tetris clone form lines of at least 3 identical colors to make the blocks dissapear, a variant on the popular tetris game
Fishocopter try to guide your little fish to safety in Fishocopter for windows mobile by avoiding crabs, shells or other dangerous fish
Doodle Jump click from left to right to move around on the screen, or just tap your HTC phone to fire your gun in this Doodle Jump HTC mobile game
Defbomb HTC game try to defuse the bomb as quick as possible in this simple but exiting game for your HTC
Set Card Game in this mobile card game you need to find the right card combination's and collect as many sets as possible.
Hit The Kitty the objectives of this freeware HTC game are simple, hit the kitty without hitting any other character
Retro Football Manager A Simple football manager game for your HTC based on an old commodore-64 game
BasketBall 2.01 Try to score as many balls as possible in a 1 minute time-frame in this Basketball game. Aim by pulling down and back on the ball, using the red dot that shows up as an indicator
Pebbles Mobile in this Mobile game for your HTC you must create groups of pebbles based on their properties to score points
2012 HTC game Destroy the Asteroids before they reach planet earth. There's only one man who can save the earth from the astroids, and thats you!
Super Mario Jump a simple freeware game for your HTC: Super Mario Jump. Avoid king koopa and make it to the top and get the princess.
CloseSudoku Close Sudoku is an other HTC game based on the popular Sudoku puzzles, in CloseSudoku you can enter the numbers in 2 ways: Numbers can be filled in by clicking on the board and selecting the required number or you can choose a number and then place it on the board
Orin Squares Orin Squares HTC game is an adictive puzzle game for your HTC similar to the popular sudoku. The rules: Two same numbers or letters can not be in one row (eg. A1, A2, C3), Two same numbers or letters can not be in one collumn, There can not be two or more same pairs of letters and numbers (eg. B5 and B5) Once the square is complete and no rules are broken the square become Orin square hence you finish the game.
VirtualTrade 3-5 VirtualTrade is not just a simple stock quote simulator, no, this game uses realtime stock data, USA Quotes will be updated every min from yahoo finance and INDIA Quotes will be updated almost realtime (maximum 2 min delay). so with this little game you can see if you are ready for the real deal! Notice that this game works with a free trial period for the first week only.
Buzz Buzz is a pacman like game for your HTC or windows mobile device containing 20 challenging levels, smart enemies and a highscore list
Calcudoku Calcudoku is a mixture between a sudoku and calculator game, an ideal brainteaser!
Break my Bricks 2 Break my Bricks 2 is a simple brickbreaker clone for HTC, this HTC game will give you hours of fun!
Pokertwist in this addictive poker game for your HTC your play a single player poker game against time. Try to score as many points as possible within the 5 minutes time limit by selecting the right cards within 2 game rounds
Angry Birds Adventure a sidekick game of the popular Angry Birds game, in this Mario Bros like game you must collect 100 birds and avoid the green pigs to get to the happy ending of it
Tiny Wings Bounce in Tiny wings for HTC you control a bird which is not able to fly because he's too fat, in order to make him move you have to let him bounce by tapping the screen. Collect coins to extend your time
CityPipe Play a plumber in Citypipe, 40 custom levels in which you need to Pick falling pipes, rotate and build a pipeline to connecting all your consumers.
Super Mario Bros Runner a simple game with your gamefriend super mario, mario runs automatically to the right, just tap the screen anywhere to make him jump and collect as many coins as possible.
Dead Space Survivor Dead space survivor is a true first person shooter for your HTC or any other windows mobile device, you are trapped in a space station and you will need to survive until help arrives. Move to the left or to the right and tap the screen to fire at the aliens.
Close Sudoku one of the best HTC Games is probably sudoku, close sudoku is an other variant of this fine piece of HTC software. instant fun guaranteed!