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HTC Windows Mobile Office-Applications

in this HTC and Windows Mobile freeware category you can find all kinds of HTC applications which have practical usage in the office
Town Compass Dataviewer Convenient & powerful data reader with simplified navigation & enriched content display options.
TouchPal Pro Language Pack Languagepack for TouchPal Pro. A software package which gives you the possibility to enter 300char/min without stylus or hardware keyboard!
DVD List Tired of loosing one of your favourite movie DVDs because somebody borrowed it from you but you cant remember who anymore? Use this small application DVD Lizt to keep track of your favourite movies. Because you don't have your computer always with you, but you always carry your HTC or other windows mobile phone with you you can fill out this list whenever somebody borrow a DVD
MetrO 5.6.4 With MetrO public transport navigator for windows mobile you will always be able to take the shortest route whenever you need to take the metro in one of the worlds largest cities… enter your start and destination station and the software calculates the route for you. This is MetrO version 5.6.4 with all latest maps up untill January 14, 2007. This software is available in different languages
SurveyToGo SurveyToGo can be used to create online surveys in only a couple of minutes time.
Unyverse RSS reader this freeware RSS reader for Windows Mobile phones gives you instant access to continuously updated news. This file can be uploaded straight to your windows Mobile / HTC phone
GrandaSoft XSForms GrandaSoft XSForms is a Pocket PC client that uses the forms created with the desktop Windows program called 'Grandasoft XSDesigner' The forms and associated databases created with the desktop version (also freeware) are sent to the client on the Pocket PC to be used. The simplifed controls and production allow you to create forms perfectly adapted to the Pocket PC interface and its form factor, while taking into account the method of data input (specific controls for date etc...) This program already supports scanners and bar code readers. Futhermore, connectivity and restoration of captured data are the strong points of this program: synchronisation with a WEB server, export to XML, integration with Microsoft Access, cradle utilisation, GPRS, WiFi/Bluetooth, all are supported. Be aware that the client can not be used alone: it is a complete solution for developing forms that allow someone who has no programming knowledge to create and deploy a complete data capture solution. So the Windows version to create the forms is absolutely necessary (and free).
Remote Keyboard Remote keyboard for Windows Mobile allows you to connect your desktop keyboard and mouse to your HTC phone or other windows mobile device
Dashwire - mobile meets web with this Mobile Meets Web tool from dashwire you will be able to perform actions on your HTC phone such as Backup, Contact Sync, Web Text Messaging, Photo & Video Uploads, and Connection to Social Networks like Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and more
Dockware Dockware is a personalized desk clock and calendar for your Pocket PC
SMS backup This application allows you to create a full backup of all your SMS messages stored on your HTC phone or other windows mobile 5 or 6 enabled device
HTC NY subway planner This subway planner might help you to get to the correct location in no matter of time… never worry again about which subway you need to take, this tool for your windows mobile or HTC will get you to the correct location at any time….
Steelsoft MP3 alarm this HTC software application allows you to use mp3, asf or wav files as alarm clock, so never get one of those stupid ringing alarms, no this one just plays your favourite song!
Mobiola Remote Control Mobiola Remote Phone Control for Windows Mobile by Warelex LLC displays phone screen on your PC real-time, takes snapshots, records video. You can share you screen on SKYPE, IM and other apps
Documents To Go Documents to go from dataviz is an application which requires at least windows mobile 5.0 or 6 and allows you to create, open, and edit Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint files as-well-as PDF documents!
Aton connect windows mobile Aton connect is a network browser for your company network, so if you want to check out the latest update on a network file, no need to boot your laptop anymore and loose precious time, no, just take your HTC or other windows mobile device and just connect to your network and start browsing files!
ReRemind ReRemind will remind you again with a simple sound of past reminders, calendar events or missed calls on a preset interval. you can use any WAV file as reminder, as long as its playback length doesnt exceed 10 seconds
Send Contact With send contact you can easily send contacts to other devices, what makes this software useful is that the receipient does not require an application to be installed
CT Scheduler CT Scheduler HTC software turns your phone into a fully automated assistant. send SMS messages, switches Sound Volume, use Bluetooth / Flight Mode / Wi-Fi, or set call forwarding at predefined time intervals. be fast, since this HTC windows mobile software is only free in its beta version!
Auto 3 in 1 Auto 3in1 Today Screen Plug-in will allow you to see reminders on your today screen.
Phonetype Phonetype HTC freeware software for any mobile devices makes it a lot easier to give input in your HTC phone
AgileNotes 3.0 Touch Free edition AgileNotes 3.0 Touch Free edition is a HTC - Windows Mobile note taker and word processor which allows you to perform quick actions and make quick modifications with justthe touch of a finger, this editor was just made to be used on touchscreen devices!
MemoMe with MemoMe for HTC or other windows mobile devices you will be able to create voice notes and send them to your mailbox
Mobilepad Mobilepad is a very simple lightweight text editor for HTC or windows mobile devices.

- Customize Auto-Save
- Send current document as SMS
- Send current document as Email
- Save and Insert custom Signature
- Call or SMS valid highlighted phone number right from your document
- Supported Landscape mode
- Support TXT, XML, INI, and LOG extension
- Allow zooming of text
- Search and Replace capability
Upvise Wikipedia Upvise Wikipedia converts your required wikipedia page into a mobile format, so you wont have to wait for ages when downloading a wikipedia article through your HTC or other mobile device
Trinefix Trinefix cleans out the mess on your HTC or windows mobile device. This free software removes close matches in both your contacts, appointments list or tasks. Fix the mess in your data within seconds with trinefix!
Showcase X Enhancement showcase is a premium class looking Taskmanager for your HTC, not only does it look professional, it is also amazingly easy in use. Developped by Ahmad Amarullah from e-natives
MobileMagic MobileMagic can make the usage of your HTC or mobile device a lot easier, you can schedule several events to occur after a predefined event, for example: open a spreadsheet application from the moment you pull out the stylus, perform a certain action when you lower the sound level or rotate your screen from the moment your device has a GPS fix. With mobilemagic the sky is the limit for your HTC device
Touch Notes Base Touch notes is one of those extremely simple applications, open it and start writing your notes down
PocketNotepad PocketNotepad is a simple word editor which should give you the same look and feel as the desktop edition. This PocketNotepad for HTC / WM is complete freeware software
SHP Notepad SHP Notepad is a basic and simple to use notepad editor for HTC / Windows mobile
CryptoWallet Keep all your secure data safely together in one location on your HTC with Cryptowallet.

Cryptowallet Features:
- 256-bit AES FIPS encryption
- government-level protection
- Over 30 specialized card templates
- Easy-to-master user interface
- Nested categories- Password hint
- Create multiple wallets- Live URL, email, phone numbers fields

SuperCounter SuperCounter is a super easy to use counter application for your HTC, just hit the green button to add one to the count, tap the red button to reset your count
RiAy Audio Recorder a simple straight forward dictation tool for your HTC, use the onscreen buttons to start or stop recording
Cronobis OWA Cronobis is freeware Outlook Web Access software which lets you synchronize with your companies mailbox without special permissions. Only the OWA access on your server needs to be enabled
SlimPasswords HTC Freeware SlimPasswords is Freeware for your HTC or windows mobile device which lets you store your passwords under one general password
WMM Notes with WMM Notes you can take instant notes, the configuration screen of WMM Notes is extremely useful and alows you to make modifications to the font or type within seconds.
iSecretary 4.6 iSecretary is an automated answering machine for your Pocket PC or HTC.


- lifts the handset automatically when the preset time expires;
- plays the file to the caller;
- records your caller's message within the limits of preset time and hangs up;
- contact list filter (choose an individual wav for each contact or group of contacts);
- ignore list;
- compatible with speakerphone (for PDA which can not work with signal in line);
- autoload after SoftReset;
- speakerphone volume control;
- microphone control (its work with some PDA, For example: ASUS P525);
- black list, reject ringing (filtering by phone number);
- notify system;
- task bar icon;
- Events system, send sms or voice message by rules;
- Emulate sound around you.
Sensetask Sensetask is a taskmanager for your mobile device which replaces the original outlook taskmanager software delivered with your device
NotepadWS NotepadWS is the freeware HTC version of the notepad application, with this HTC software you can edit up to 4 different files in one session, switch between tabs, or even lookup certain parts of selected text online. As you can see, NotepadWS might even have more options on-board then the original notepad application for PC
Mobile Inventory Software Mobile Inventory Software is freeware HTC software for couriers or delivery services with high mobility. find back everything faster with this mobile database of your stock!
EazyWallet 2 EazyWallet 2 uses 3DES encryption technology to safely store all your passwords and bank details, protected with 1 single password, so in the future you will only need to remember this one password.


- Quickly find your entries by using the filter box.
- Unlimited number of categories.
- Unlimited number of records in each categories.
- Sort entries by clicking on a column header.
- Access via secure login authentication.
- Full text search.
- All passwords are encrypted using 3DES encryption algorithm.
- Backup facility.
- A very original and easy-to-use user interface.
- Fast random password generator.
o Custom length.
o Modify password character set.
o Special character support.

New in v2.0:

- New Login screen
- New dashboard
- New Search screen
- New Quick View screen
- Improved backup, now generate backup in text, html, csn and xml formats
- Improved user interface
Mobile Currency Converter Convert currencies based on the exchange rates of Yahoo Finance. An easy to use Currency Converter adapted and optimized for use with HTC phones
Notepad a simple Notepad application for HTC
Launcha Calendrio For everyone who sometimes has it difficult with the small data displayed in a default calendar, this calender is using a large font to display all of its data
Well Note Use Well Note with your windows mobile enabled HTC phone to take simple notes on the go!
Late Reader 027 ur windows mobile HTC with this Late Reader application, sort or search through your offline stored items, pre
B3UtilData B3UtilData is freeware database software for windows pocket PC or windows mobile powered android phones