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HTC HTC communication - Social Media

all kinds of communication freeware to keep in touch with your friends, messengers, bloggers, you'll find it here!
Slick Slick is a freeware HTC and windows mobile multi-platform messenger which is able to connect to different messenger clients so you can stay in touch with all your friends wherever you are
Sqij Sqij contains a collection of the most popular online messengers, so whenever you have your HTC device or other Windows Mobile enabled device with you you will be connected to your friends
Callian messenger popular freeware windows mobile messenger software
Shozu if you like making new friends online or you love online communities, you will for sure love Shozu, a Mobile Networking tool which can be used to upload all your mobile videos and pictures and share them with your friends
Radar Radar gives you instant access to sharing, browsing and commenting your pictures taken with your windows mobile device such as a HTC phone. This software was made by the famous picture sharing company tinypics
Viigo Viigo can be used to access all the latest news, business, blogs, sports, services and RSS, easy to use and it does not use much network resources, so the ideal news application for your HTC or other Windows Mobile enabled device…
SMS organizer This HTC SMS Tone Profiler. Has some cool features such as: SMS Tone, Reply, Hide, Encrypt, Forward, Store, Export
Mobiblogr 1.5.1 Mobiblogr is easy to use freeware which can be used on your HTC or windows mobile device to read RSS feeds or to follow your friends blogs
Mobile Gblogger Mobile Gblogger is a Blogclient compatible with your HTC phone.
Morange Morange is a chatclient compatible with your HTC phone or other windows mobile enabled phone which allows you to Chat with friends on MSN, Google Talk, QQ,read & reply emails, read blogs & news
Mig33 Chat Mig33 is a mobile chat application which might enhance your virtual life, from now on you will never have to be alone again… chat or communicate with your friend on the bus, in the mall,… wherever you want.



  • Chatrooms
  • Profiles
  • Photo Sharing
  • Mobile Web
  • Rewards for inviting friends
  • And more


  • Use your IM (MSN, Yahoo!, ICQ/AOL, Google Talk, SMS, to name a few)
  • Share Photos
  • Make inexpensive international phone calls
  • Send cheap international SMS
  • And more
Snap2Face freeware Snap2Face is a freeware facebook client for windows mobile devices such as your HTC phone, do anything you are able to do on facebook from now on straight through your HTC
Kais handwritten mail With Kais mail + handwritten MMS messages you can send handwritten messages over MMS using your HTC or windows mobile phone, just use the software and your stylus or fingers to write a handwritten message and send it using MMS
SmartTouch SmartTouch is a freeware windows mobile software application that gives you access to branded content and services without having to pay for a data plan. It tries to retrieve all data you need over SMS. Offcourse notice that sms costs might be rather high for this
Nimbuzz Nimbuzz is one single freeware HTC chat tool which connects to MSN Windows Live, Yahoo! Messenger, Skype, Google Talk, ICQ, and more chat client programs.
IRCy Dictionary IRCy is an IRC dictionary which contains over 100000 words
Loudtalks lite Loudtalk lite uses the Wifi or data connection of your windows mobile HTC device to communicate instantly with your buddies. Works almost like a walky talky
Proxy Cap Proxy Cap allows you to surf through a proxy on your Windows Mobile device. You can tell ProxyCap which applications will connect to the Internet through a proxy and under what circumstances
Yomedia RSS Reader Yomedia windows mobile RSS Reader for HTC retrieves automatically the latest RSS feeds from different audio, video and text chanels and presents them in a nice list on your HTC
VZOMobile VZO Mobile is a windows mobile chat client compatible with HTC which allows you to perform video chat sessions with friends, they don't even need a smartphone, VZOMobile allows you also to communicate with friends using a PC
Mobliza With Mobliza you can set your HTC to a self created status to enable automated mobile answers, are you in the middle of a work lunch? Just set your status to diner, and every received SMS will automatically be answered with an answer which depends on your chosen status
Yahoo Go for HTC instantly check your yahoo email account, or use yahoo oneSearch to give you instant answers to your questions, Yahoo Go is a must have HTC freeware application
Mfarhanonline Mobile Messenger use one messenger to connect to MSN, AIM, and Yahoo Messenger at once. This is your all in one HTC freeware communication tool
Facebook for HTC never be alone again, follow your friends and what they do on facebook on the road, or post your updates from all around the world instantly with Facebook for HTC or windows mobile devices
Yamee Yamee is an, in java developed, freeware Messenger chat client for Yahoo Messenger.

Features :
- add and remove contact
- conference
- contacts grouping
- send message to group or several selected contacts (press # to show the mark)
- send and receive BUZZ
- receive offline message
- incoming mail notifications
- typing notification
- offline/online notifications
- show/hide offline contacts (shortcut: press 0)
- set or view status (status shown on the top screen)
- skinnable (4 type skins)
- 60 emoticons
- message alerts : vibrate, sound, flash backlight
- Chat History (message archive)
- Send to Others (send message to buddy outside contact list)
- Add 4 emoticons (total 64 emoticons) and with bigger images
- Add set custom busy status
- Add new settings (enable/disable automatic open ChatView when receive message)
- New theme (gray skin changed into green skin)
- auto reconnect when connetion closed
- direct text input (you can input text and view chat in the same window)
- show/hide timestamp
- support qwerty
- support touchscreen
- numpad navigation for alternative navigation key

MoTweets never have to use your desktop again, with MoTweets you can use all greatest twitter features straight from your windows mobile HTC device
LnkMe automatically create a new sms for a particular person, or make a call to a person, all this will be automated with this LnkMe HTC freeware software
Twaddle Twaddle is an other HTC freeware twitter client.


* Viewing your timeline
* Viewing all your friends and their last tweets
* Viewing your own tweets
* Posting tweets, replies and retweets
* Downloading of avatars + avatars of @replies of your friends
* Geotagging of your tweets
* Viewing the Google Map of geotagged posts
* OAuth support – no username / password entry required
* Portrait and landscape support
* Software Input Panel support in both portrait and landscape mode
* Copy / view URLs mentioned in posts
* Is.Gd URL shortening
* Popup notifications

Avatar Dialer Avatar dialer is HTC freeware software which makes it a lot easier to call your contacts, every contact is displayed with a single picture, just notice that contacts without pictures are not shown in the dial list.
SMSSender HTC mass SMS tool With SMSSender you can send SMS messages to multiple contacts, if your HTC doenst have the option yet to select multiple contacts, this software will make sure you dont have to copy - paste your message 10 times. SMSSender works with either a textfile, a CSV file or a manual added list
SMSPurger SMSPurger deletes old SMS messages from your HTC which were send and received before a predefined date
FinchSync Synchronize tasks, contacts or appointments from Mozilla calendar and email tools with this FinchSynch freeware software.
iDialer iDialer is a fingerfriendly dial tool for HTC phones which is actually based on the popular iPhone
Mobile Tweet Mobile tweet allows you to update your twitter status on your HTC in just a couple of seconds / taps. Keep in touch with your twitter friends wherever you are
Keep My Tones Keep my tones is a great HTC ringtone manager when you want to customize your contacts list with custom ringtones, it will let you manage your personal ringtones and tells you which one of your contacts doesnt have a personal ringtone yet
Tom Text Messaging Tom Text Messaging allows you to change SMS settings on your HTC.

- Switch between classic and threaded messaging
- SMS with unicode support
- Save SMS sent
- Show date and time
- Show reply all Email
- Indent body
- Enable/disable notification: SMS sent
- Sound when SMS sent
- SMS wake up event

VeeTweets video twitter VeeTweet is the first mobile Video Tweeter tool. Features - Send video messages and Picture messages to any phone or email in the world in a few clicks - Click and share functionality to youtube - Click and share functionality to the most popular social networks - download online contactb lists to your device - connect with people who share your interests and passions through "My Peeps" - Never loose your precious mobile pictures again with VBox online synchronisation - New: VeeTweet allows you to tweet your mobile videos online
Facebook Instant HTC Messenger FIM (Facebook Instant Messenger) is touch friendly Facebook integrated software, chat with your contacts, perform status updates, upload videos, do whatever you would do behind a normal computer when visiting facebook
Msentinel 2.4 Msentinel is HTC mobile software which checks for missed calls, unread emails, missed voice mails or SMS messages and reminds you after a pre selected time with sound or vibration
Keep BlueChattin Keep Bluechattin' is a free, simple, Bluetooth-chatting (Bluechatting) application. It allows you to initiate chat with virtually any Bluetooth device via sending out and receiving unsolicited messages in form of e.g. vCards. It can also perform iterative range scanning and automated message broadcasting.
SMS Minder SMSMinder sends automated replies to SMS messages when you are unavailable
Zhiing Forget about map printouts or scribbling down directions....use zhiing! Simply enter the mobile number you want to zhiing and hit send. Your zhiing buddy receives not only your text message (with up to 25x more message space than an SMS), but a dynamic map showing turn-by-turn directions of where you're at, or where want to meet! zhiing gives you 100% control of your location, 100% of the time. Best of all, the zhiing application and services are free (standard data and messaging charges for the receiver's mobile carrier may apply.) Even mobile devices that are not currently supported will receive SMS messages with turn-by-turn directions when they reply to the incoming zhiing with their current location. A powerful browser add-on is available at Once installed in a supported browser, zhiing recognizes addresses and lets you send that address to any mobile number by clicking on the zhiing icon. Think of're running out the door but before you leave you send yourself zhiings for all the places you need to go. Now from wherever you are you can retrieve the zhiing with directions to where you need to go next! zhiing is currently available for Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Symbian.
Qmail Qmail is a free mobile mail application which supports the POP3, IMAP4, NNTP and RSS protocols. unfortunately QMail does not give HTML support yet
Speedreader Speedreader for HTC or windows mobile devices gives you access to your Google Reader subscriptions.
MyCar Profile MyCar makes your device also usable in your car, even if you don't have a carkit, you can operate the most important features by a simple tap on one of the large on screen buttons.
Sneak Text With sneak text you can encrypt or decrypt any text message you want. Just enter any text you want in sneak text followed by the codeword to encrypt it, then send the encrypted text, and your receipient will only be able to decrypt it using the decryption password.
Pocket Blip Pocket Blip is a mobile twitter like application for Polish users
GNG Btchat GNG Btchat: the name explains it all, this HTC Freeware software is a Bluetooth chat communication tool
Bluehoo Bluehoo is an Instant Messaging program which works over bluetooth.
Wrukwiacz Wrukwiacz is a fake caller and SMS bomb tool for windows mobile devices
Bulk SMS 3.0 send massive amounts of SMS messages to a gigantic contacts list with Bulk SMS 3.0
WinMoSquare WinMoSquare is freeware software which gives you the possibility to access your foursquare profile immediately on your HTC device
Mobile Receptionist Depending on preset criteria, mobile receptionist will handle your incomming calls or SMS messages. Auto respond to messages or just forward them to your mailbox. Create different profiles with rules and following actions. As if there's a small receptionist inside your HTC!
Palringo instant messenger Palringo is instant messaging freeware software for your HTC or windows mobile device
MoblMsg v2 MoblMsg is an application written for Smart Phones & devices running the Windows Mobile operating system. It sends and receives SMS text messages. Its compact design makes it quicker, and easier to use than the Windows Mobile native SMS Text Messaging application.
MicroIRC MicroIRC is an IRC client for HTC or windows mobile devices
pRSSreader pRSSreader is an application created to read both RSS and RDF feeds. With this freeware HTC software you will always be up to date with the latest RSS feeds! The pRSSReader also has cool new features such as marking RSSfeeds as read, the option to display them on your Today screen, and many, many more. You can also set up appearance of reading dialog, change font sizes, enable clear type, set the location of cache or an external browser for viewing the whole messages. RSS feeds can be updated either manually or automatically
Free SMS DE with Free SMS DE you can send up to 10 SMS messages daily and 100SMS messages monthly completely for free. Notice that Free SMS does only work in germany
Friends For You when your HTC or windows Mobile device has a build in GPS receiver, you can always share your current location with all your friends on facebook
Azurea HTC twitter software a low memory consumption, tree like reply views, finger friendly scrolling and many more nice mobile friendly features are implemented in this Azurea twitter client for HTC or other windows mobile devices. from now on you wil really start enjoy twittering!
Vkontakte Vkontakte is a freeware client for the russian social network site Vkontakte
XDA Facebook Get the best facebook experience with this free HTC XDA facebook client
HTC Sense Facebook HTC Sense Facebook enables Facebook in the sense tab. With this HTC freeware software you can now update your status immediately from the Sense tab, you can immediately launch plugings or change layout within a few fingerclicks
Waze 2 Waze v2 is a free, 100% user-generated, social navigation app that allows drivers to build and use live maps & real-time traffic updates to improve their daily commute. In addition to providing turn-by-turn navigation, waze also gives drivers the ability to actively update each other on traffic, police traps, construction, speedcams and more, reflecting a live description of the road at any given moment – and because it’s user-generated, the more people who use it, the better (and more fun) it gets!
SMS Flatrate for less then 2 eurocents you can start sending SMS messages with SMS
Frother Frother is a multilingual twitter client which can manipulate listeners, tweets, friends, Favourites, Direct messages and many many more items
SMS Bomber wanna play an asshole for once? SMS Bomber lets you send multiple SMS messages to a selected phonenumber, in a preset time interval
Windows Mobile Blacklist a blacklist application to reject unwanted calls from your blacklist. Windows Mobile Blacklist has multiple settings which makes this application a lot more useful then other blacklisting apps. With Windows Mobile Blacklist you can schedule a reject timeframe, or easily switch from reject selected to reject all. you can even program this app to block certain area codes!
HTC SMS Manager With HTC SMS Manager you can send SMS bombs, start an SMS conversation with multiple users, or even send pop-up messages to some devices
SMS manager With SMS Manager for HTC you can send flash pop-up messages to other devices, start an SMS flood or send group messages to multiple users or usergroups.