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HTC Windows Mobile Calculators : Yarpn

Yarpn is a RPN calculator. to install Yarpn on your HTC / Windows Mobile device: copy the .cab file to your Pocket PC using ActiveSync, then, in your Pocket PC's file explorer, double tap the .cab file to start the installation.
What features does it have?
- BIG buttons
- simple to use
- RPN input method. Two line visible stack
basic arithmetic operations
- different display modes (Auto, Fixed, Scientific, Engineering) with possibility to choose number of decimal places
- different bases (Dec, Hex, Oct, Bin) with possibility to choose between 8, 16 and 32 bit 'word size'
- Deg and Rad angle modes
the usual stack operations (drop, swap, clear) including undo
- arithmetic functions
- logic functions
- statistics functions
- combinatorics functions
- conversion mode, including user conversions
- constants library, including user constants
- short and long display modes in constant library with possibility to show value
- quick constant and quick conversion function
- colour coding
- stores last settings
- optionally stores the stack
- regional settings aware (decimal point symbol and thousands separator)

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